Selling a Prosthodontic Practice

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Selling a Prosthodontic dental practice, especially yours, is one of the biggest decisions of your professional career. As a dedicated specialist, you’ve solved complex dental and facial problems with sophisticated restorative procedures. Congratulations on restoring the self-confidence of hundreds if not thousands of patients!

Wise Advice and Guidance You Can Trust

Selling a prosthodontic  practice is a complex process involving far more than finding a buyer and closing the deal. It demands sound advice and guidance from a trusted resource. That’s why thousands of dentists in all 50 states have chosen Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions.

Experienced Dental Practice Sales Consultants

Many of the transitions consultants at Henry Schein DPT are dentists too. They understand that you’re not just selling a building and dental equipment, you’re selling a business complete with dedicated employees and loyal patients.

Your transitions consultant will work in close collaboration with you to ensure your practice sells for top dollar to the right buyer—a prosthodontist who will take good care of your staff, your patients, and the legacy you’ve built.

Superior Client Services for Selling a Prosthodontic Practice

In the complex world of dental practice sales, our consultant-brokers pay close attention to all the details of the deal and help you and your buyer avoid possible obstacles to a successful closing. Our expertise is obvious at every stage of the sales process such as:

  • Performing a detailed practice appraisal (valuation) to establish an accurate, fair listing price for your practice
  • Prequalifying prospective buyers so that no time is wasted on the wrong prospects
  • Assisting with available financing options for your buyer when asked
  • Negotiating on your behalf to ensure your sale closes on time for the agreed-upon price

National Marketing Resources for Selling your Practice

As a subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc., we are supported by the extensive resources of the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based dental practitioners. As your transitions broker, Henry Schein DPT develops a customized marketing plan for selling your prosthodontic practice on a broad range of targeted marketing channels such as our own website database of dental practices for sale,  other online marketing sites, journals, trade publications, and direct mail.

Reduce Legal Fees with our Custom Document Templates

Designed to protect your interests and possibly reduce your legal fees, our sample contract templates contain suggested language often overlooked in “standard” agreements regarding employment, purchases, and Letters of Intent/Offers to Purchase.*

Thinking about Selling a Prosthodontic Practice?

Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation 

It’s never too soon to get great advice!

Whether you’re ready to sell your practice or just beginning to investigate your transition options, call us today, 1-800-988-5674, or contact us online. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an experienced consultant at Henry Schein DPT, and get eye-opening answers and expert advice. We look forward to talking to you!

*Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions is not, by means of providing these sample contract templates, rendering any legal or tax advice. Before taking any action that may affect your business, you should consult with a qualified professional adviser.