Dental Transition Consultants & Dental Practices for Sale

Make Your Career Transitions Smoother and Easier with the Expert Guidance of Industry Leader Henry Schein DPT

Finding dental practices for sale, selling a dental practice, hiring an associate, and taking on a partner are all important crossroads you will face during your career as a dentist. You can trust Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions (Henry Schein DPT) to be your guide through every stage of your career. Our dental transition consultants provide the advice and expertise you need to help you choose the transition option that’s best for you.

  • Early Career Support – Do you want to buy into a group practice, purchase an existing dental practice, or start a practice of your own? What impact will school loans have on your ability to purchase a practice? Should you accept an Associateship that doesn’t include ownership provisions? Take advantage of our dental transition consulting—we’ll help you sort through the options and can help you navigate Henry Schein dental practices for sale.
  • Mid-Career Support – Need help deciding whether to bring on an associate or partner? Guidance on whether it’s time to open another location? Our consultants for dentists help you formulate a plan that protects your professional and personal interests and grows your practice during your peak earning years.
  • Retirement Planning Support– Considering retirement options? We’ll help you develop a smart exit strategy and identify the best time to sell your dental practice. We’ll work with you to maximize your practice’s value to best meet your retirement goals.

Henry Schein DPT brings in-depth knowledge and a proven track record of dental practice transition success which other consulting firms simply can’t match. You benefit from Henry Schein DPT’s many strengths such as:

National Network of Expert Dental Transition Consultants

Our experienced dental transition consultants are either practicing dentists themselves or have specialized knowledge and expertise in the dental profession. They have helped thousands of dentists in all 50 states make the best decisions at pivotal points in their careers.

Extensive Marketing Resources 

When your practice is listed for sale with Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions, we use the considerable power of Henry Schein DPT’s extensive marketing pipeline to attract and match the right buyers, sellers, associates, and partners.

Superior Client Services for Selling your Dental Practice

Dedication, accessibility, and responsiveness are the cornerstones of the superior service you will receive when you place your practice transition in the expert hands of Henry Schein DPT.

 “My dental practice of 35 years was appraised early June 2013 and the sale and closure of my practice and office condominium was completed in September 2013.  From the initiation of the [selling] process to completion, Mary Fisher-Day and Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions guided me seamlessly and made sense of the requirements needed for the transitionShe held my handand made what could have been a stressful endeavor into a well-orchestrated and safe business dealI can highly recommend her to you for the care needed for your transition…    

– Seller, Gary P. Weller, DDS, PA – Seller, Gastonia, NC, Full testimonial


Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation 

Its never too soon to get great advice!

Whether you’re ready to make a dental practice transition or you’re just beginning to investigate your transition options, call today, 1-800-988-5674, or contact us online to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an experienced dental transition consultant at Henry Schein DPT. Get answers and invaluable advice about successfully achieving your dental practice transition goal. We look forward to talking to you!

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