What Our Clients Say

Thousands of dentists nationwide turn to Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions when they’re looking to buy, sell or transition their practice. In fact, many of them are repeat and/or multiple office clients. We invite you to discover why.

Ben Sapir, Transition Sales Consultant, Dr. Michelle Comroe, Buyer & Dr. Russel Coser, Seller

I want to thank Ben Sapir for his guidance and support through our most challenging transition. His experience and patience were truly appreciated. The new Doctor and I are working smoothly together to make our patients feel secure about their future dental care. Thanks again for all the help.

With gratitude,
Dr. Russell Coser

Russell Coser, D.D.S. – Seller
Torrance, CA

It is with great appreciation I am writing this testimonial for my experience with Henry Schein’s agent Michael Appalucci. We had a difficult sale of our dental practice at our Bronx location, needed after my partner was forced to retire due to health reasons. Mr. Appalucci was pleasant, persistent and professional in his efforts to find us a buyer and we are grateful for his help. I would highly recommend him and Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions in the sale of your practice and realty.

Stephen Molinaro, D.D.S. – Seller
Bronx, NY

I would highly recommend the Henry Schein Practice Transitions Group to handle your practice sale and transition. I initially tried to list my practice myself and then tried with an online service that utilizes electronic questionnaires as its sole method of identifying candidates. What I came to realize was that it is difficult to attract good candidates without an established broker and personalized service. The sale/transition process was much more complicated than I realized and just got more complicated the closer we got to closing. My broker agent, Alisa Shoaf, was able to orchestrate banks, three attorneys, and the buyer and seller to successfully bring this transaction to the table on time. I would say that it would have been extremely difficult if not impossible to navigate the legal issues and challenging to satisfy the sellers financial institution without professional brokerage guidance. Even though Alisa was located three hours away she would not hesitate to make the trip for a one-day meeting. She did so many times during the process in order to add the personalized service that a practice transition needs and deserves.

Dr. Mike Papadelias – Seller
Pensacola, FL

Geremy Haseloff helped me with the process of selling my practice from the appraisal until closing as well as helping with the real estate sale. He located potential buyers within months, and did a good job of finding compatible doctors for my practice. He helped along the way with arranging meetings, relaying info to attorneys, and getting things squared away with the abstract company. I would highly recommend the Henry Schein Dental Practice Transition teams and Geremy Haseloff to assist with any practice sale, buy in, or associate arrangements.

Dr. Jeremy Denman – Seller
Odessa, TX

Mike Apalucci from Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions was extremely knowledgeable about the dental practice sale marketplace. He personally guided us through the entire process from practice evaluation, screening of candidates, and the making of the deal. He was actively involved in arranging practice sale financing and assisted in the closing the transaction. He was very easy to work with and we highly recommend him.

Dr. Frank Reemer – Seller
Bardonia, NY

Sara Marterella was wonderful throughout my almost two-year process of selling my practice. She was there for me at every turn and helped “coach ” me thru some difficult times and decisions. I would recommend her to anyone looking to transition their practice.

Irwin Goodman, D.D.S. – Seller
Hazel Park, MI

Greg Whitmer was wonderful and I have already told many of my peers who now know about the sale of my practice, about his level of expertise, professionalism, and communication skills. He was easy to reach, and available at all hours of the day and on weekends. Greg was a big help with organizing my reports for the valuation. He spent the time to find out about my practice and my preferences when it came to a buyer for my practice. His advice throughout the process was invaluable. There are usually ups and downs in the sale of a dental practice and Greg’s understanding of what his client is going through, helped me greatly. Greg’s relationship with the attorney he recommended, and his background and connections in the banking community were a big asset as the sale was coming to completion. I know the purchaser was also very pleased with Greg’s knowledge and understanding, often seeking his advice rather than his own advisors. I would recommend Greg as a dental broker to anyone without reservation.

Dr. Jeffrey Pivor – Seller
Norwalk, CT

Mike Apalucci was awesome. He was very helpful in finding me an office that was best for me. He took the time to meet with me, show me different offices, and find me exactly what was right for me. He answered all my questions and helped me feel comfortable in a smooth transition.

Michael Aghelian, D.D.S. – Buyer
Bronx, NY

Dr. Trung Ngo, Seller, Ben Sapir, Transition Sales Consultant, Dr. Steven Wolfram, Buyer

Ben Sapir made the practice acquisition and transition smooth. He was efficient, organized and was a true pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend working with Ben.

Steven Wolfram, D.D.S. – Buyer
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Scott Firestone made the transition to transfer my solo fee for service practice to a younger Stony Brook Dental school graduate easy. I would not have been able to have accomplished this transaction without him. I recommend him to any dentist looking to sell their practice.

Franklyn Ianno, D.D.S. – Seller
Amityville, NY

It was an absolute pleasure reconnecting with Scott Firestone. I am so grateful I decided to pick up the phone and give him a call. He has helped me acquire what I believe to be the practice of my dreams. Scott’s experience with practice transitions definitely showed throughout this process and was very helpful from start to finish. I would highly recommend him to buyers of practices he lists for sale.

Scott Levitz, D.D.S. – Buyer
Amityville, NY

Working with Josh Griebahn made the transition smooth and easy. I would not have been able to vet the many offers without his help. He saved me a lot of time and money. I am very happy with my sale!

Robby Smith, D.D.S. – Seller
Dripping Springs, TX

Though our practice transition ran into some delays, Geremy Haseloff stayed on top of things throughout the process and was easily available whenever we needed to discuss anything. Geremy was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend him to my colleagues.

Michael Hays, D.M.D. – Seller
Odessa, TX

I interviewed several dental consultants before deciding to hire Sara Marterella from Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions to help sell my dental practice. I hired Sara because she is friendly, experienced, and very knowledgeable, and unlike other brokers I spoke with, she actually listened to what I had to say. I was determined to find a dentist that would maintain a private practice to provide personalized dental care to my patients. She quickly found a qualified dentist to take over my practice within the scope of what I was looking for. She was very organized throughout the entire process and always returned my phone calls/emails promptly. She worked diligently to close the deal quickly and pitched in where necessary to make sure we hit our deadlines. My overall experience working with Sara was excellent, and I highly recommend her if you’re considering selling your business.

James Jostock, D.D.S. – Seller
Sterling Heights, MI

We met Dan Slain 41 years ago when we were in the market to set up our first dental practice. Dan was instrumental in guiding us from selecting the location to the actual setup. Our relationship continued over the years and recently we decided it was time to look for a new owner. Once again Dan was our guy. His knowledge of the ever-changing dental profession and the marketplace proved to be invaluable. He has all the tools and resources, including the collection of necessary data, marketing, legal and financial contacts that helped to guide us to the eventual sale of our practice.

On a personal note, years before the sale, we had a health setback that put us out of commission for a couple of months. Once again, Dan proved to be an invaluable resource, support, and more importantly, a great friend. His knowledge and experience helped us to keep the practice running smoothly during that period. He went above and beyond to help us maintain our livelihood.

Dan Slain is caring, ethical, and patient with the buyer and the seller. We would highly recommend Dan and Henry Schein to anyone seeking to sell their practice.

Dr. John Kokai
Dr. Linda Feduska Kokai
Wexford, PA

I recently sold my dental office with the help of Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions and I couldn’t be happier. My consultant, Greg Whitmer was absolutely fantastic! He walked me through every step, explained every detail, and made a complex process very smooth and easy. His knowledge of the banking industry was priceless. He understands every aspect of the transition process and kept us on schedule by providing ample warnings of upcoming steps, and helped me find the information I needed to be prepared for those steps. I think I would still be trying to collect reports if it weren’t for Greg! In short, my practice transition was a great experience. I would recommend Greg Whitmer and the team from Henry Schein to anyone looking to buy or sell a dental practice!

Anton Silich, D.D.S. – Seller
Bethel, CT

Greg Whitmer coordinated every aspect of my practice transition perfectly. His knowledge and organizational skills are second to none. Most importantly, his managing the transition allowed me to practice, and see my patients “as per usual”, I was free from most of the logistics. There are many moving parts with all this and they were handled very well. All accounting and legal matters were properly structured as Greg guided us through every part of the process. We couldn’t have done this without him. Thank you, Greg and Henry Schein.

Roy Shakun, D.M.D. – Seller
West Hartford, CT

When moving a major asset, it’s always best to work with the most reputable company. With Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions and their Sales Consultant, Stuart Auerbach, I found the resource I needed to move my dental practice fast. I only recommend the elite and will continue to do so with Henry Schein.

Dr. Francesco Vultaggio – Seller
Coral Springs, FL

Sharon Mascetti from Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions was simply amazing to work with. Not only did she bring four purchasers to my attention, she was absolutely stellar in helping me negotiate and close on the deal. Sharon was able to advise every step of the way…. She made herself available 24 hours a day and made sure this deal went to closing despite some major hurdles along the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am certain that the sale would not have gone through without her help and personal attention. She made the transition process extremely easy and beyond rewarding from a financial standpoint.

Dr. Paul Bookman – Seller
Bryn Mawr, PA

I take great pleasure in recommending Christy Conway, (Transition Sales Consultant at Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions) to any dentist who is seeking practice transition. Christy was the only person I considered when it came time to find a worthy dental practice to buy. This is because she was highly recommended by many colleagues I respected, who had used her services in the past. I can’t imagine trusting the many details of a practice transition to anyone else.

The most important qualities to look for in a practice consultant are character, trustworthiness, honesty, experience, service, and connections to other qualified professionals, such as attorneys, bankers, etc. Christy has an abundance of all these qualities and requirements. She was always available any time I needed her. I really valued the guidance she freely offered throughout the entire time I worked with her.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to work with Christy. Her wisdom and experience were invaluable.

In short, you couldn’t be in better hands. She is simply the best there is. I would be happy to visit with any professional considering her services.

Happy owner of my dream dental Practice at Bliss Dental Arts.

Dr. Shervin Moshashaei D.D.S., MBA – Buyer
San Diego, CA


Working with our transition consultant, Donna Bambrick, our transition process progressed smoothly and quickly. We could not be more pleased with the buyer we were introduced to and sold to. Both the buyer and seller’s needs were addressed and satisfied leading up to the sale. We are thankful to Henry Schein Transitions for making this process go as well as it did- very pleased!

Michael Miller, D.D.S. – Seller
Fayetteville, NY

Selling my practice was quite an ordeal. From finding a legitimate buyer to navigating the process, my broker Kerri was amazing not only at handling every aspect of the sale but also at being the voice of reason when the going got tough. As a seller you think it will be a quick easy process and when things stall it was nice to have a level-headed broker to talk you through it.

Michael Giovannini, D.D.S. – Seller
Palmdale, CA

Julie was fantastic, from getting back to me quickly after my initial request for information on the practice until we closed on the transaction a few months later. She was always available to answer my questions about the process and would get answers/requests from the selling doctor in a timely manner back to me. She would meet with both of us in person to go through the process and make sure any negotiations that were required went smooth and both parties were happy. Her husband is a dentist and you can tell she understands the day-to-day life of what it takes to run a dental practice and how a good transition from doctor to doctor needs to occur. We are very happy and the practice is wonderful! Thank you Julie for all of your help!

Rob Safrit, D.M.D. – Buyer
Summerville, SC

I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the sale of my dental practice. My consultant, Greg Whitmer, was both understanding and skilled at leading me through all the necessary steps. Mine was not an easy practice to sell – an older one with high overhead and declining production. Greg found the perfect fit, merging mine with another practice with similar demographics. Truthfully I had low expectations about how much I would receive from the sale and how well the transfer of patients would go. Both exceeded my expectations. A generous cash sale and an extremely easy transition for me and my patients. I can even work one day a week if I choose. I want to thank Greg for his positive attitude, negotiating skills, and understanding of my emotions throughout the process. Thank you.

Stephen Waxman, D.M.D.
Worcester, MA

I had the pleasure to work with Thinh Tran and Erin Montejano from Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions during the process of selling my dental practice. Being a first-time seller, I do not know the process in selling a dental practice, and that can be very stressful.  However, with the help of Thinh’s diligent work and efficiency, it was smooth and painless journey. I am so grateful for all his hard work and dedication and urge anyone interested in selling their practice to reach out to Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions!

Cynthia Cheung, D.D.S. – Seller
Los Angeles, CA

I was a solo practitioner for decades and Linda Zalkin was my Henry Schein sales rep for supplies for years. Just before I decided to sell and retire, she transitioned to a broker role – great for her and selling dentists as she gets dental practice inside and out. I had a practice appraisal done previously, then updated about 6 months before we closed the office March 23 2020 due to Covid. Linda had a buyer before that who walked once Covid hit, but had another motivated buyer in the wings. I opened the office in June 2020 and sold it in August 2020 slightly above the appraisal value. I cannot recommend Linda any more highly as a full service, highly knowledgeable and experienced dental resource and broker. After working for 38 years, I am thrilled to be comfortable, not working, and living a relaxed enjoyable selfish life. Every day is a gift.

Jeff Rubin, D.M.D. – Seller
Great Neck, NY

It was amazing to have Julie Patterson. I could not believe Julie was able to find the buyers for my two offices within just 2 weeks! Yes, only 2 weeks! I can’t imagine how to sell my offices without Julie’s help. It was great to have her and I greatly appreciated her profession!

Mr. Zhicheng Yu – Seller
Fort Mill, SC

Greg Auerbach was fantastic to work with! He was quick to respond to our questions. Very knowledgeable. Greg helped us weigh our options with difficult strategic decisions and drove the sale forward throughout the entire deal life cycle. Thanks again for all the help Greg!

Mr. Steve Kiss – Seller
Waterbury, FL

From the very beginning, Greg Auerbach has guided me in the transition process with an experienced hand. His advice and recommendations kept the transition on a smooth path working with the buyer’s dentist, their bank, and all the attorneys. Thanks to Greg, the whole process went quickly with fewer bumps in the road than I anticipated. He was always there when I had a question. I would recommend anyone, considering transitioning their practice, to use Greg Auerbach to make the process of selling their practice a successful last chapter in their dental career.

Robert Burks, D.D.S. – Seller
Winter Springs, FL

Jay Harter was very knowledgeable and helpful during each step of the sale. He guided me through the entire process. Everything was painless. I would definitely recommend Henry Schein and Jay to sell your practice.

Gloria Nollie, D.D.S. – Seller
Carmichael, CA

When we decided to sell our dental practice there was only one person we knew we could trust with the sale. We have worked with Brian Whalen for over 20 years and we had full faith he would find the right dentist to carry on the same quality of dentistry, excellence of patient care and attention to detail that has set our office apart from others. Brian takes a very personal approach to selling a dental practice. He wants to find the right buyer, get the seller the best price and finally develop an exit strategy. The exit strategy is so important. How long do you stay on? Do you consult on certain cases? How do you take care of your patients without making them feel abandoned? We had 10 implant cases that I wanted to see to completion so we put that in the contract.

Brian was constantly looking out for me and my wife (my office manager) and making sure we retired on our terms. We wanted to stay on as long as needed, but Brian was the one to say, “Once you sell, you need to get out as soon as possible”. It is extremely hard to watch someone else manage the office and make changes. Believe me, they will make changes. You can have the most well-oiled practice and the new buyer will do things differently. It was important to us that we found a buyer that would continue our office philosophy. I honestly don’t know how Brian did it but he found a 30-year-old younger version of myself. My family and I now have a new dentist and I truly believe my patients will be very well taken care of. My wife and I can not thank Brian Whalen and Henry Schein Dental Transitions for helping us enter retirement the way we envisioned it.

Dr. Michael Kubiniec – Seller
Batavia, NY

When a sudden illness forced me to retire and sell my practice, I was very fortunate to work with Brian Whalen. He found a dentist 5 miles from my office who not only was able to take on my patients but also keep my staff employed. Brian worked very hard to do this transition quickly and smoothly. He made a difficult time less difficult and went above and beyond for me. I would highly recommend both Brian Whalen and Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions as the best way to transition out of private practice and into retirement.

Mark Powalski, D.D.S. – Seller
Depew, NY

I want to express my satisfaction with Henry Schein and Curtis Regimbal’s success in selling my dental practice. I was told by colleagues that it could take up to 2 years to sell my practice. Two weeks after listing my practice with Curtis, I had two solid offers. We closed the deal several months later for 90% of my collections. Thanks again!

Dr. Paul Ingrao – Seller
Crofton, MD

I had a wonderful experience with Henry Schein and specifically my Transition Sales Consultant, Julie Patterson, in the sale of my practice. Julie was a step ahead through the entire process. She answered every phone call and text immediately, made sure everyone stayed on pace and truly went above and beyond to facilitate the transition. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her in the future and I highly recommend her and Henry Schein.

Theodore Wooley, D.M.D. – Seller
North Charleston, SC

We met Dan 41 years ago when we were in the market to set up our first dental practice. Dan was instrumental in guiding us from selecting the location to the actual setup. Our relationship continued over the years and recently we decided it was time to look for a new owner. Once again, Dan was our guy. His knowledge of the ever-changing dental profession and market proved to be invaluable. He has all the tools and resources, including the collection of necessary data, marketing, legal and financial contacts to guide us to the eventual sale of our practice. On a personal note, years before the sale, we had a health setback that put us out of commission for a couple of months. Once again, Dan proved to be an invaluable resource, support, and more importantly, a great friend. His knowledge and experience helped us keep the practice running smoothly during that period. He went above and beyond to help maintain our livelihood. Dan is caring, ethical, and patient with the buyer and seller. We would highly recommend Dan to anyone seeking to sell their practice.

John Kokai, D.D.S. & Dr. Linda Feduska-Kokai Mars – Seller
Mars, PA

Bobby and Eileen Anderson were exactly what I needed to transition out and sell my practice. It was obvious from the start that this was not their first rodeo. We had a concise plan and template to follow. I highly recommend their services to others looking for professionalism and a job well done.

Steven Perlman, D.D.S. – Seller
Hampton, VA

I have been in practice for 37 years, these times are difficult as to when to hang up the drill and move into the next phase of ones life. Rich Oberbeck is kind and caring and a consummate professIonal. Most transitions are anything but easy, a ton of traps and pitfalls around every corner. I had the right guy in my corner. He got me to the finish line, I am very thankful. I highly recommend Rich.

James Wewel, D.D.S. – Seller
Fremont, NE

The whole team did an excellent job from valuating the practice to working on the closing. The process took a while. Having Greg Whitmer set up all the meetings was the best way to sell a practice. All I had to do was be at the office to show clients the practice and condo. I would not have been able to do this on my own, especially figuring out the selling price!

Dr. George Caye – Seller
Manchester, CT

Skip Stamper was very personal, candid and guided me in a professional manner during the entire process. He was also very protective of my practice from non-serious buyers.

Raul Perez, D.D.S. – Seller
Jacksonville, FL

Having just completed a practice transition with Henry Schein’s practice broker, Sara Marterella, I couldn’t recommend her higher. Ms. Marterella was such a joy to work with. My experience with her far exceeded my expectations of her desire to find the right person to purchase my practice, and ultimately execute the sale. Ms. Marterella is a tireless worker and possesses a wealth of knowledge which made this transition seamless. Her pleasant and professional manner helped to take the uncertainty from this difficult decision. If you are considering this next chapter in your professional career, you will be doing yourself an enormous favor by choosing Sara Marterella to assist you in this endeavor.

Dr. Mark Beattie – Seller
Monroe, MI

Curtis Regimbal has been the consummate professional throughout this process. His interactions with the Sellers helped smooth the transition and sales process. As a Group Practice we have been through this a few times but this was seamless—4 weeks start to finish! Thank you Curtis; we look forward to working with you again.

Robert Morrison, D.M.D. – Seller
Norfolk, VA

Curtis Regimbal was an amazing asset to have on our side while selling our satellite office in Norfolk. It was not an easy task and he was so professional, responsive and pushes to keep the ball rolling on both sides. I will not hesitate to use his services in the future when I sell my other practice. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending him to any of my colleagues.

Dr. Hamada Makarita – Seller
Norfolk, VA

For two years Snowden Brown from Henry Schein has helped me with the sale of my practice. The sale took place during the pandemic. Snowden’s persistent and challenging work had paid off. The transition went smoothly. Her dedication to her job is beyond expectations. Highly recommended her and Henry Schein for practice transitions.

Quan Le, D.D.S. – Seller
Falls Church, VA

In October 2021 we had the pleasure of selling our rural dental practice through Henry Schein Dental Transitions. Denise Bouwhuis was our broker/agent. She was very organized and kept us informed along the way. Although it was a long process, Denise was always focused and would respond immediately to our questions or concerns. I would utilize her service again if I had the opportunity. I recommend her as a courteous and professional sales representative.

Dr. Keith Treiber – Seller
Lakeview, MI

Linda Zalkin is the consummate professional. Extremely knowledgeable with the marketplace and the nuances of dental practice sales and transitions. Linda was available to talk at any time, answered each and every question and addressed all concerns that I had. Having worked with Linda for years, as my sales rep, she knew my practice and its relative worth in the marketplace. She was able to secure for me the perfect buyer for my situation. My wife and I could NOT be happier. I would recommend Linda without any reservation!

Dr. Mark Sommer – Seller
Lake Success, NY

I utilized Sharon Mascetti for the purchase of my practice in 2013. I had such a good experience with her matching the right practice and getting the process moving that I requested her again. If I had my choice I would only use Sharon Mascetti. I will say she was fantastic and was absolutely critical to my practice being sold. If a transitions consultant does not know how to match people like Sharon has done beautifully it is a major compromise for the buy and selling doctor. She also understands time is of the essence and was always available to address all my concerns as well as the buying doctor. She also was honest with what she knew about the process and what to expect. My expectations were exceeded and never did I feel pressure to represent or agree to anything that was not appropriate. I hope Henry Schein understands and appreciates the value of Sharon Mascetti as I would recommend her to anyone I know who is selling a practice without reservation!

Maq Serang, D.M.D. – Seller
Philadephia, PA

Sara Marterella was great and very helpful during our transition, she did a wonderful job and made things easy and smooth. We highly recommend her for anyone looking for a dental transition.

Dr. Joseph A. – Seller
Southgate, MI

I was very comfortable talking and discussing things with Jay Harter as soon as I met him. He’s like an old friend. There is a lot of paperwork and reports and other tasks to complete for the transition and Jay walked us through it all. My practice took quite a while to sell because it’s in a small-medium town so I was getting anxious and wanted to drop the asking price significantly but Jay held out and got me a good price when the right buyer came along.

Kevin Platner, D.D.S. – Seller
Redding, CA

I want to truly thank Sharon Mascetti for being the best transition lead throughout this process. Sharon was very knowledgeable about the entire process from the initial process to completion. She was able to anticipate any potential issues and was already prepared with possible solutions. Sharon was very empathetic to my concerns and was always available at anytime for questions. She kept me updated during the entire process. Sharon made this very stressful stage of my career as smooth as possible. I would, without any reservations, highly recommend Sharon and the entire Henry Schein transitions team to any doctor contemplating placing their practice on the market.

Marco Holgado, D.D.S. – Seller
Cherry Hill, NJ

From the initial contact with Mr. Greg Auerbach, communication for our practice transition was exceptional. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and readily available to discuss and mitigate potential concerns. The mere thought of transitioning a dental practice that has been your life’s work for 37 years can seem daunting. Mr. Greg Auerbach’s outstanding skills resulted in a seamless transition with wonderful dentists to care for our patients and our Team. Our practice transition experience was superlative! We are most grateful.

Pamela Adams, D.D.S. – Seller
Clearwater, FL

I picked the worst time to start a practice when interest rates were 18%, and as it turned out, the worst time to sell a practice, when we closed due to COVID for 3 months. Even when we came back, it was part-time. That is when the practice went up for sale. Greg Whitmer was great. He kept up contact with me. I always knew what was happening and who was interested in the practice. Due to the pandemic, the banks were slow to approve buyers. We waited out the worst of the financial effect of the pandemic and Greg was finally able to match a very good buyer for my practice. It’s been 3 months since the sale and I am very grateful to Greg for getting me into retirement.

James Wall, D.M.D. – Seller
Scituate, MA

At 67 years of age, I decided that selling my dental practice and becoming an associate for the purchasing dentist was my best choice. I was overwhelmed with the process and turned to my good friend Adam Halabi for guidance. I have known Adam for many years as a Dental Equipment Specialist. I was unsure of hiring a consultant because of the cost and Adam gave me great advice for what he thought a broker could do for me and for what he thought I could do on my own. It came down to a matter of trust. I contracted with Adam, and Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions, and the process began. Things like this throughout my career have not been easy but Adam’s contacts, business acumen, and “I am working for you attitude” prevailed. It is my opinion that it was worth every penny! Although nerve-racking and stressful, Adam kept me on track and brokered a win-win transaction benefitting me, the purchasing dentist, my staff, and my valued patients. It would not have ever turned out as it did without Adam. I am deeply indebted to Adam and Henry Schein for their amazing work. Thank You.

Dr. Warren Rensner – Seller
Wichita, KS

In my 35 years as a dentist, I have endured being an associate dentist, buying into the associated dental practice, buying out the senior dentist, bringing in a new associate dentist, selling half my practice to the associate, and ultimately the sell of the practice. Along the way, I have worked with numerous attorneys, big-name practice transition specialists, accountants, etc. Working with Spencer McCracken was by far the most succinct, well-managed practice transition I have experienced. Spencer completely’” Quarterbacked” the entire process directing both buyer and sellers on each and every stage. Spencer set a date and put forth a relentless effort to make sure the transition was complete as scheduled. Spencer has an excellent repertoire with local banks, bankers, and attorneys necessary to complete the transition. Do yourself a favor and contact Spencer McCracken with Henry Schein Dental, I’m glad I did.

Gregory W. Dale, D.D.S.
Kansas City, MO

Snowden Brown was extremely instrumental in the sale of my office during the very difficult time of Covid. With her guidance and intuition, the buyer and I came to terms with what we both felt were better than anticipated. She was able to guide both parties through the acquisition process smoothly by creating realistic expectations and making sure deadlines were being met on both sides. With expectations being realistic and concerns met early on, external costs were kept to a minimum. I would without hesitation recommend Snowden to my colleges when the time comes for them to venture into the next phase of their life.

Dr. C, D.D.S. – Seller
Gaithersburg, MD

This is the second time I have used Blaine Brown and Henry Schein. Blaine handled the transition as a true professional, putting me and the buyer at ease. There was not a single bump in the road. Blaine was very responsive to any questions or concerns I had. It also did not go unnoticed that Blaine would pick up the phone every single time I called; whether it was on the weekend or a vacation with family. Thanks again to Blaine for making a difficult transaction feel like a breeze.

Joe Schmidt, D.D.S.
Boise, ID

Leslie and I have worked closely with Donna Costa for the past 7 months. The first few months involved the search to find the most qualified candidate who was the best fit philosophically and personally to partner and transition in our practice. The next few months involved all the legal maneuvering to close the deal successfully for both parties. Donna has always been easy to reach and responsive. Warm, friendly, and patient, Donna was someone that we could always contact for help and advice. If not for Donna, we would not have had the contacts and reach to locate our new partner in the office, who is a perfect fit. I recommend Donna enthusiastically for anyone considering a transition in their practice.

Gary Penner, D.D.S.
Manalapan Township, NJ

Seller, Dr. Margaret Szott with Transition Sales Consultant, Lindsey Ingram.

I was introduced to Lindsey Ingram by my Henry Schein Sales Rep when I mentioned that was interested in starting to transition out of practice ownership. I went to school to become a dentist, not a real estate broker. Lindsey was there every step of the way guiding me through the process. She was available after normal work hours to answer questions. She traveled a good distance to my office to come run needed reports so as to not interrupt my workday. If she didn’t’ know the answer to a question, she would find someone who did. Lindsey was honest and told me when she didn’t think a potential buyer was the right fit. She encouraged me to walk away. And, even after the closing, she has been available to answer further questions. I highly recommend Lindsey Ingram with Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions because she is insightful, honest, and dedicated.

Dr. Margaret Szott – Seller
Greensboro, NC

I had a dental practice for 30 years and knew it was time for a transition approximately 2 years ago. I had hired a company out of Florida that charged 14k upfront for analysis and initial sales leads. Their commission was set at 7%. I worked with them for approximately 1 year and never felt comfortable with the ethics, integrity and professionalism of that company or their representatives. With that frustration, I spoke to my Schein rep and he referred me to Rich Oberbeck for transition advice. Ultimately, I developed a trust in Rich as I felt like he had my best interest central in this process. He listened carefully to my needs and desires. Rich was responsive and thoughtful in all my interactions with him. He was prompt but not pushy in his approach. He followed through on all that he committed to and was candid and honest in our communication.

Dr. Robin Khan – Seller
Dentistry for Health, NE

Cindy Schonert was wonderful to work with during what can be a very stressful time. She worked tirelessly to answer all my questions and concerns and made sure I was informed and prepared every step of the way. She made sure I got what I needed and was comfortable with every process.

Dr. Ellen Jarvis
Columbus, IN

My transition experience was very good. Blaine Brown was very helpful to explain every step of the process and to keep me informed of what was happening in the negotiations. It quickly becomes apparent how involved this whole process is and the mountain of details that need to be addressed to keep everything moving smoothly and everyone happy. I appreciate his friendly and candid approach.

Doug Gray, D.D.S.
Orofino, ID

Josh Griebahn was a highly collaborative partner who added value to our acquisition process. He is professional and courteous. We are very much looking forward to working with Josh again in the future.

Mr. Lane Theriault
Houston, TX

I would like to thank Jay Harter for his hard work, professionalism, patience, attention to detail on my recent practice transition. The sale of the practice and real estate turned out to be more complex than expected, yet Jay was always proactive and anticipated every aspect during the process. I would enthusiastically recommend Jay to any Dr. even (considering) a sale. Well done Jay!

Joseph Viviano, D.D.S. – Seller
Stockton, CA

There are many options when selling a practice. I have sold 13 during my career. Henry Schein has provided the best supplies and equipment experience during my career. There has been no other company that even approached their level of service relating to supplies and equipment so I decided to work with Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions on the sale of my practice. This practice had a series of associates doing dentistry. The practice was underperforming a few years back so I decided to be the dentist at this office. The underperforming office became a solid performing practice. Josh Griebahn did a great job during this “rehabbing” of the office performance. He understood the potential of the office and knew that my ultimate goal was to sell it to a quality-minded dentist. A few months back, Josh told me that he had a qualified buyer. The transaction went very smoothly and Josh got the deal done. It will be a win/win transaction. I got the price I was looking for and the buyer purchased a practice with huge upside potential. Thanks to Henry Schein and Josh, I can relax and enjoy some time away from dentistry.

Dr. Paul Dabney – Seller
Round Rock, TX

Sharon Mascetti, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been there for me at every turn, obstacle, pitfall, muddy water, hail storm, and hornswoggle. I could not have asked for more, but if I did, I believe you’d be there for that too. I hope Henry Schein knows what they got; “The best broker east of the Pecos!” I hope you and yours have the best Thanksgiving ever. I will stick around here to make a smooth transition as promised, and then Jocelyn and I will ride into the sunset and enjoy a three-week vacation in Puerto Vallarta! Not to return until 2022. Perhaps then I consider working in Lancaster. Who knows? No promises. Till then, Happy Trails!

Dr. Gary Stevens – Seller
Glenside, PA

As a buyer dentist in a practice acquisition, you are expecting the seller’s broker to not be on your side but I was wrong. Snowden Brown was an excellent resource and she truly helped me in this transition. Even though she was representing the seller dentist she guided me through the entire process and she was always available for me. Currently, I am going through a smooth transition because of her vision to match a retiring dentist and a first-time practice owner with the same philosophy. Thank you, Snowden.

Cristian Alcantara, D.D.S. – Buyer
Springfield, VA

Greg Whitmer did an exemplary job during my transition. We started as an associateship with a future buy-out. Greg covered all the bases and more during these phases. Sometimes I would wonder if he was too thorough. When it came time for the final purchase, Greg’s steps covered everything, including the possible buyer’s finance company issues, so I was well prepared. Thank you, Greg.

James Helmkamp, D.D.S.
Auburn, ME

Jay Harter was a consummate professional! He was always available and managed to close my practice sale in spite of the Covid lockdown, especially in California! Then there was the Caldor Fire, which almost took out my office and the City! Through it all, Jay calmly kept the process going! I would highly recommend Jay and his Staff for a practice sale. Great professional and now a great friend.

Dr. Kevin Cassidy – Seller
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Great experience dealing with Greg Auerbach, he was able to get me the best deal for a practice and recommended the best contacts for a smooth transaction.

Ernesto Llerena, D.M.D.
Bonita Springs, FL

From the moment we spoke with David and Donna regarding the sale of our practice, we were guided and helped throughout the entire process. They provided sound advice from start to finish and enlisted other professionals which helped us to understand the details of the complex Practice Purchase Agreement. Their expertise made the process seamless and I would highly recommend Donna or David to anyone who is considering selling their practice.

Maria Swedberg, D.D.S. – Seller
Toms River, NJ

I really enjoyed interacting with Greg Whitmer! He made the practice transition seem almost seamless! We had good chemistry and his knowledge of brokering practice sales was awesome!

Dr. Fran Feeney – Seller
Ludlow, MA

I would like to thank Sara Marterella for all the effort and time she put in towards helping transition my dental practice. Not only did she find the perfect doctor to take over, but she also followed up regularly to assist in making the process go as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a practice opportunity or considering transitioning from a practice I would highly recommend getting in touch with Sara to see what she can do for you. Thanks so much, Sara, wishing you the best.

Dr. Ryan Miller – Seller
Hartland, MI

Donna Bambrick did a wonderful job marketing and selling my practice. She was very professional and always happy to help with any questions or concerns I had. She guided me through the entire process and was extremely helpful. I would recommend Donna to anyone buying or selling a dental practice.

Dr. Randal Swartwood – Seller
Syracuse, NY

I recently closed on my practice of nearly 40 years and Mike Apalucci made it a breeze.  I had anticipated a 1–3-year time frame for a sale and transition but Mike had buyers lines up within weeks and a closing in about 6 months total and at almost my full asking price.  He was always available to answer questions (and there were many) be it by phone, text, or email.  Time of day or day of the week had very little effect on an answer.  In addition, he was able to match me with a lawyer specializing in practice sales.  There was actually very little that I needed to do from start to finish.

Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Mike Apalucci as a practice broker and invite anyone with questions to contact me.

By the way, I’m loving retirement.

Richard Gambino, D.D.S. Seller
Port Jefferson Station, NY

It is a difficult journey when you decide to sell your dental practice as you have spent so much time and energy cultivating your business and personal relationships. Geremy Haseloff truly worked diligently to facilitate a sale that I can feel good about. I am happy with the terms of the sale and felt like he was equally invested in making sure my practice was continued with someone with the same practice philosophy as myself. I would not hesitate to recommend any dentist considering a practice transition to visit with Geremy.

Lisa L. Loftis, D.D.S. Seller
Malvern, Arkansas

Thank you for the opportunity to share my seller experience with Mr. Jay Harter. I can’t begin to say enough amazing things about Jay! His level of knowledge, professionalism, and ability to unite parties during tense times deserves 5/5 stars. He took the time to go over all of my options and made sure I had a thorough understanding of the path that would be necessary to achieve the best outcome for me. Jay exuded patience and dedication towards me as his client. I appreciated his last resort “secret weapons” that he skillfully and ethically used to move the sale through some pretty tight spots. I would, without any reservation, recommend Jay to any dentist needing the expertise of an honest, fair, and extremely trustworthy Sales Consultant. Thank you, Henry Schein PPT, for having such a fine member of your team.

Olivia Rodrigues, D.D.S. – Seller
North Highlands, CA

I would highly recommend Henry Schein Practice Transitions. In particular, my sales consultant, Dr. Scott Firestone. He was knowledgeable, experienced, and a gentleman. The entire sales process was well designed and executed. Thank you!

James Mongiello, D.D.S. – Seller
Kings Park, NY

Greg Auerbach did a great job lining up prospective buyers and bringing them all to the office on the same day! He handled the whole process which went very smoothly. Was always available to answer questions and put out fires. Greg is extremely professional and highly qualified.

Mike MacDonald, D.D.S. – Seller
Naples, FL

I can’t say enough good things about how well Eileen and Bobby Anderson helped me with the sale of my practice! After 44 years I was really struggling with my emotions. They not only “held my hand “ so to speak, but also guided me every step of the way. They found a good fit for my practice and at a fair price. I highly recommend them to anyone that is thinking about retirement in the next five years!

Peggy Chappell, D.M.D. –  Seller
Suffolk, VA

Curtis Regimbal from Henry Schein Practice Transitions was great throughout the entire process. Not only did he find me the perfect buyer for my practice, but he handled the inevitable bumps in the transition promptly and efficiently. I would wholeheartedly recommend him if anyone is contemplating acquiring or selling a practice.

Kevin Doring, D.D.S. – Seller
Olney, MD

Curtis Regimbal was extremely valuable during the sale of my dental practice. We had several very interested parties and I was impressed how very professional he was in his conversations with them. I always felt that he was working for me. He was very honest and opened about the process, a great communicator. Towards the end of the transaction, he made sure I was on point with all the necessary paperwork. The process went very smooth and event-free. I would not hesitate to use Curtis’s services again and highly recommend him.

Dr. Kurt Rolf – Seller
McLean, VA

From when I first started reaching out to dental practice brokers, Bobby Anderson and his wife, Eileen, of Henry Schein Practice Transitions stood out from the rest. I had contacted several brokers prior to and had some trouble finding the right practice. Henry Schein had one listed that seemed to fit the bill. I contacted Bobby right away and got the ball rolling. Even though Bobby was representing the seller, he went above and beyond to supply any requested information to me, my professional team, and the banks. He was available to answer any call or text and overall provided a seamless connection between myself and the seller. If you are looking to purchase or sell a dental practice, Bobby is the guy for you!

Harry Squire, D.D.S. Buyer
Chesapeake, VA

Bobby Anderson was great throughout the sale and transition. He helped me navigate all the hoops so everything went smoothly on my end. I will use him again when I sell my other office.

Michael Krone, D.D.S. – Seller
Midlothian, VA

We have been looking for a dental practice for the last several years. During this period, we submitted offers and LOIs to multiple practices. Many times they were accepted, but because of lack of experience in dental practice acquisitions, we could not reach the finish line. This process would have continued, had we not met Curtis Regimbal, a truly five-star Sales Consultant from Henry Schein. Curtis showed us Patuxent River Dental Practice in Laurel. We locked ourselves into the acquisition of this practice and never looked around for another opportunity. Attorney, Natasha Gillies, Curtis recommended did help us in the acquisition process. There were challenges in the process, but because there was a strong commitment from all parties involved, we were able to overcome those challenges. Though we were well aware that Curtis is representing the seller, we always felt that he was on our side too. As all questions were answered promptly and no information was withheld. The whole transaction was very transparent. I would recommend using Curtis Regimbal to my best friends.

Mr. Tabish Syed – Buyer
Laurel, MD

Curtis Regimbal was instrumental in making this acquisition work. He was always very professional and diligent in answering questions. In the closing stages he was always available to help in any capacity. I highly recommend his services whether you are a Buyer or Seller.

Michael Owens, D.D.S.
Crofton, MD

Selling your dental practice, especially when you’ve put your heart and soul into building it, can be a gruesome and emotional process. I can’t imagine anyone being able to hold all the pieces together better than Curtis Regimbal. Even the attorneys were not settling on all the issues! The sale of my office was not an easy one nor was it speedy – but if it wasn’t because of Curtis keeping all parties focused, and his persistence, it would have never happened. Thank you, Curtis, for all your hard work!

Tara Zand, D.D.S. – Seller
Herndon, VA

We have just completed the sale of our dental practice after 37 wonderful years on Cape Cod with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions. We can not even begin to express our appreciation for our Transition Sales Consultant, Greg Whitmer. His exceptional attention to detail, professionalism, and availability to assist us with any question day or night is rare in today’s world. We highly recommend Greg and his team for anyone contemplating selling a dental practice. Thank you again, Greg and Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions!

Dr. Robert Lynch – Seller
South Dennis, MA

We were a little apprehensive about hiring a broker to sell our practice and then we were not sure how fast it would sell. After speaking with Jay Harter from Henry Schein for the first time, he assured us he would have several interested buyers by the time we did our first open house, and a sale 3-4 months afterward. Much to our surprise, it happened exactly that way. We had over 10 people at our first, and only open house, and 2 interested buyers immediately after. One of them is now the owner of our practice! Jay is probably the hardest-working individual I know. He worked tirelessly to negotiate the deal and bring it to a close. He was always available by phone, text, and email-even late at night and on weekends to answer any questions we had. I would definitely recommend Jay Harter to anyone interested in selling their practice.

Dr. Hector & Charlotte FernandezSeller
Gold River, CA

Curtis Regimbal is one of the best brokers I’ve dealt with! He’s a very hard worker and always there for clients. Thanks, Curtis!

Mohamed Ibrahim, D.D.S.
Arlington, VA

Greg Auerbach and Skip Stamper were amazing to work with. They were in constant communication throughout the process and always readily available to answer questions and provide information. The process was seamless from start to finish.

Alan Krantz, D.D.S.
Jacksonville, FL

Mike Apalucci was available throughout the entire arduous process. Ultimately, the practice was sold and I am now retired, but there is no way I could have tackled this on my own. It was a relief to know that he was there to act as an intermediary when questions arose or when issues had to be smoothed over. I am grateful to have had his level headed expertise. Thanks, Mike!

Dr. Anne Zohorsky – Seller
Glen Head, NY

I would like to say thank you to Greg Auerbach for helping with the selling of the practice and the transition with the buyer. It went very smoothly and Greg was instrumental in navigating the process between the buyer and me. So far everything has been smooth with the transition, the new Doctor is happy and the patients are adjusting well with the transition. Thanks again!

Jeffrey Joffe, D.M.D. – Seller
Punta Gorda, FL

Dr. Stuart Auerbach handled the transition of my practice. His tremendous amount of experience, quiet confidence, and sense of humor guided me through the sale and transition process in a flawless manner. He eliminated candidates that he knew would be unsatisfactory to me and brought me the perfect young dentist to take over my practice. I highly recommend Dr. Auerbach.

Michael E. Jaeger, D.D.SSeller
Juno Beach, FL

Stuart Auerbach was on top of everything from start to finish when it came to selling my Oral & Maxillofacial practice. I recommend him highly, without hesitation.

Michael P. Logue, D.M.D.Seller
Indialantic, FL

Working with Sara Marterella made my practice transition very easy. She promoted my practice rigorously and prescreened all potential buyers. I was asked for my input on all transition matters and Sara worked hard to follow my wishes. Her organizational skills kept me up to date during the sale on what I needed to have accomplished each step of the process. Sara was very professional working many off hours and days to accommodate the buyer’s schedule. I would highly recommend Sara for your dental transition. Her experience and knowledge will make the difference.

David Campbell, D.D.S. – Seller
White Lake, MI

Curtis Regimbal from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions gets things done. What he promised, he delivered. He found the right Dentist to buy my practice in a matter of three days. I would recommend him to anyone who is trying to sell his or her practice.

Masood Said, D.D.S. – Seller
Springfield, VA

Selling a dental practice is never easy, but then throw in a global pandemic and see what obstacles that scenario brings! Due to mandatory statewide shutdowns, we were not able to show our practice to prospective buyers for many months. Even then, the uncertainty about what dentistry would be like after the pandemic was resolved was a real concern. But our broker, Mike Apalucci, persevered and finally found a perfect match for our needs – a practitioner in the next town looking to expand his patient base. Both parties were on the same wavelength from the outset but when the legal eagles got involved, that was when it looked like the transaction might not happen. Mike stepped up, informed the buyer and his attorney that the deal was taking far too long to close and was in danger of being scrapped; in ONE day we had a signed binder and weeks later a closing date. We can’t thank Mike enough for all his hard work, the great distances he traveled between his home and our office, and his total availability by phone, email, or text. Thank you Mike for all you’ve done – we could not have done it without you!

Alfred Ciletti, D.D.S. & Vincent Claps, D.D.S. – Sellers
Southold, NY

I truly appreciated Kim Ta’s tenacity in pursuing and closing out all requirements for our dental practice purchase. Thank you Kim for making the acquisition process easy for us. I am finally a practice owner after searching for over 3 years!

Dr. Sri Vinay Atluri – Buyer
San Jose, CA

My wife and I are very grateful for Kim Ta and her dedicated help and diligence during this arduous journey. We appreciate not only her competence and professionalism but her kindness in handling our transaction. We’re sad but relieved, and thank Kim for making it a little bearable. Forever grateful!

Peter Pham, D.D.S. – Seller
San Jose, CA

Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions management of the sale of my practice was very positive. They started with an appraisal that was all-inclusive and very fair. From there they identified several potential buyers and facilitated the sale at the height of the COVID pandemic. The guidance and support of Brian Whalen and Donna Bambrick was vital and fundamental in moving the sale forward in an orderly and expeditious manner. They were easily contacted and always available to answer questions and update information. Their wealth of experience was invaluable. I think the most important part of all was not just their energy and dedication, but how much they cared about the outcome. They were always concerned at each step of the way that all parties were happy and comfortable with the terms of the agreement. I can’t say enough about their expertise and passion, they truly care. I would recommend Henry Schein PPT to anyone who is considering a transition of their practice.

Eric Vetter, D.D.S. – Seller
Williamsville, NY

Seller, Dr. Dorothy Cutolo handing the keys over to Buyer, Dr. Nancy Amoia

I have been wanting to be a practice owner for a long time. I told Michael Apalucci exactly what I was looking for and magically, the practice and practice owner that was a perfect fit appeared! I cannot thank Michael enough for all his help in guidance in making my dream come true. He reassured me every step of the way! It was an excellent experience! Michael is most knowledgeable and very compassionate about what he does! Thank you again!!

Nancy Amoia, D.D.S. – Buyer
Massapequa, NY