Group Practice Sales

Experts at Selling & Buying Group Practices

Whether a large single location, multi-disciplinary or multi-location practice, you want your transition to be in the right hands from valuation to closing. Our team of Group Practice Specialists at Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions are in the trenches and have team members speaking to your potential purchaser prospects day after day. Our list of professional referral sources, relationships, and contacts are second to none in their expertise and experience. With that, we are best positioned to guide and represent you through the process.

You may hear from one or two suitors, but we are in touch with all. Further, we have the experts to help you decide what options make the most sense (e.g., should you sell as a package or as individual locations?) while also knowing the players and what the different offer packages may be (or whether the offer you’ve received is the best you may be able to receive).

Selling one dental practice is already not a simple task and evaluating and selling multiple can be an exponential challenge. That is why using a professional that has experience in every aspect of the market, working in the field every day, will help ensure you leave no dollars on the table. We are here to consult with you and manage the logistics to ensure your sale and transition goes as smooth as possible.

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Expansion | Buying a Group Practice

Having a team that represents the best interest of you and your organization is important. Our Group Practice Specialists at Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions have worked with dental professionals in major cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural communities across all 50 states. From helping to identify opportunities to obtaining financing through completing the transaction, our local representatives have the contacts to help you find practices to support your goals and growth.

Why you need an experienced Transition Sales Team

At Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions, our specialists have the experience and contacts to get win-win deals and will take care of all the details while your time is spent focusing on the well-being of your practice.

Our Group Practice Specialists have personal experience in the industry and can find the right private practice that is the right fit for your group practice organization. With many practice organizations looking to expand, it is important to have the representation and negotiating power that brings your opportunity, whether buying or selling, to several practices that share your values.