Dental Practice Partners and/or Associates

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If you are considering adding a dental practice partner or associate to your practice, first consider which arrangement will suit your needs best. Dental practice associates are non-owner dentists without a vested interest. They can be hired either as employees or as independent contractors. Dental practice partners have a vested, ownership interest in the dental practice, because they are buying a percentage of the valuation of the practice.

Dental Transition Guidance You Can Trust

As the leader in dental practice transitions nationwide and a subsidiary of Henry Schein, Inc., the expert team at Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions brings a high level of industry experience and expertise other firms simply can’t match.

Many of our transition consultants are former practicing dentists themselves. They fully understand the attributes you are seeking in a new associate dentist or partner for your general or specialty dental practice.

Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions (Henry Schein DPT) can help you structure partnership and associateship arrangements that will benefit your practice today and in the future. As your trusted transitions advisors, we:

  • Provide expertise to both senior dentists and new practitioners looking for the right opportunity
  • Help structure arrangements for buy-ins, compensation/profit-sharing formulas, terms and conditions, as well as facility-sharing arrangements
  • Assist in matters of practice governance and valuing each partner’s interest upon retirement
  • Handle negotiations between all parties and provide templates for all required documents, including the final Partnership Agreement
  • Deliver Comprehensive Partnership Term Sheets that will address all of the key terms and conditions needed to structure a successful partnership. These term sheets are then given to your attorney for contract drafting.*

Helping Dentists Find the Perfect Fit for their Dental Practice

Deciding to bring a partner or associate into your dental practice has advantages and rewards, but it’s not without its challenges. In choosing a partner, you’ll want to select a dentist who shares your vision, philosophy, and approach to managing the practice.

The right partner will be a good fit with your staff and patients and have a positive impact on your practice. In selecting the right associate, it’s equally important to choose a dentist who can add value to your practice and fit in well.

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*Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions is not rendering any legal or tax advice. Before taking any action that may affect your business, you should consult with a qualified professional advisor.