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The Henry Schein Professional Practice Transition team is a nationwide network of experienced and knowledgeable dental practice transition consultants who help both buyers and sellers make successful and profitable dental practice transitions. Many of our dental transition consultants are retired dentists themselves and understand your situation better than anyone, or have been in the dental industry for years.

Whether you’re buying or selling a dental practice, your Henry Schein consultant can help you navigate the tremendous amount of important documentation, information, and the considerations that lead to a successful practice transition—our dental consultants are ready to help.

Dental Transition Consultants for Buyers

Henry Schein’s dental practice transition consultants are trained to assist buyers in various processes involved with acquiring a dental practice. These considerations have to do with making sure you are buying the correct practice at the right price, that your finances are in order to ensure a smooth and easy transition, and that you’re entering into the right type of buying arrangement.

For buyers of dental practices, Henry Schein takes many things into consideration before our consultants provide practice recommendations—specifically the buyer’s credit profile, their cash on hand, assets, and existing liabilities. There are many considerations that dental practice transition consultants representing buyers need to keep in mind about the practice itself and type of association with the practice available for purchase.

Buyers of dental practices need to be sure that they’re purchasing the right practice as that will be their livelihood for years to come, Henry Schein’s decades of experience ensures this opportunity will be entered into wisely. Henry Schein PPT consultants also have significant experience with buyers at all stages of their career—from first time buyers to buyers adding to an already large group practice. So, whether this is your first practice or hundredth, Henry Schein PPT Consultants can add value to the process and search.

Dental Transition Consultants for Sellers

Conversely, for sellers, Henry Schein’s consultants assist you throughout the process in the following ways:

  • Getting a professional dental practice valuation
  • Pricing your practice for optimal sales results
  • Learning how to select the right buyer
  • Making sure that your dental practice remains in optimal condition to maximize your return

There are many different reasons that a practice might be for sale: the dentist may be retiring, the dentist could be moving in a different career direction, or there could be an unexpected life altering circumstance.

Dental practice transition consultants who represent sellers take many different considerations into account. Specifically, making sure the dental practice has the right valuation is vitally important. Also, the consultants help screen the interested buyers to make the best use of your time. The last thing a seller needs is to take on a buyer that can’t assimilate or assume the roles and responsibilities of the practice.

In the instance of an unforeseen event, Henry Schein’s dental practice consultants representing sellers take on an even greater role—in this case, they’re the experts in dental practices. The consultants help families and those associated with the practice make the right decisions to hand off the practice as easily and quickly as possible to optimize the value.

To get started, see the list of Henry Schein dental transition consultants below—contact the consultant nearest you.