How to Get More Positive Reviews Online for Your Practice

How to Get More Positive Reviews Online for Your Practice

Before giving an institution their business, many customers check the company’s online reviews. Since past consumers provide these reviews with no apparent incentive to fabricate information, many view them as a trustworthy source. Even the most carefully curated marketing campaigns are often unable to eliminate the damage of numerous one-star reviews. If you’re interested in finding a way to improve your practice’s reputation, follow these tips on how to get more positive reviews online for your practice.

Focus on quality customer service

The most important step to getting positive customer reviews is to provide quality customer service. After all, people won’t take the time to write a positive review if they have a negative experience. It would be wise to train every member of your staff—from dentists to receptionists—on how to provide exceptional customer service.

Ask your customers

Simply taking the time to ask your customers to review your practice can go a long way. Often, customers don’t remember to review a business unless they’ve had a particularly negative experience. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to give happy patients a friendly reminder. One way to do so is by providing information regarding where customers can leave reviews, such as Healthgrades, Facebook, Yelp, or Google. You can also place posters by your practice’s exits to share this information. You should also instruct staff to remind people to post a review right before they leave.

Make sharing simple

People are often unlikely to go out of their way to post a business review. That’s why you should make leaving a review as simple and easy as possible. To do so, consider sending customers a quick email with a link and simple instructions on how to post a review after their visit. Further, because not everyone has a Facebook or Yelp account, diversifying the platforms that customers can leave a review on will also help make the process easier.

Respond to negativity

Unfortunately, negative online reviews are bound to happen. When people leave such reviews, it means they want someone to listen. To turn this negative response into a positive experience, make sure that their concerns don’t become lost in cyberspace. Try to respond to every negative review that you receive promptly. Your response should respectfully address their concerns and ideally provide a way to resolve the issue. In doing so, previously dissatisfied customers may be more likely to leave a positive response in the future.

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