How to Establish Your New Dental Practice: 4 Useful Pointers

How to Establish Your New Dental Practice 4 Useful Pointers

Once you’ve bought your brand-new practice, it may seem like all the work is over. However, even once you’ve been up and running for a while, you cannot forget the importance of establishing yourself and your practice. With small businesses employing almost half of the private workforce, many Americans know firsthand how essential it is to make a name for their company, and that includes dental practices. Don’t let your patients forget about you and make sure prospects become aware of you – here are some pointers on how to establish your new dental practice.

Glean as much as you can from your transition consultant

Even when the buying process is over, you can still rely on your dental practice transition consultant for advice. Your Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions Sales Consultant has the know-how to help you realize the full potential of your dental practice. Throughout the purchase process, they’ll provide useful information on how to leverage your new practice. Once you’ve acquired it, it’s time to put all of that into action and bring out the best in your new practice.

Get your name out there

Marketing may not seem essential, since you’re acquiring a preexisting practice, but it’s just as important to get your name out there as the new owner. Patients and prospects are going to want to meet their new dentist, so be sure to make an appearance at community events and festivals. That way, people can put a face to your name, and will be more likely to book their appointment. In addition to making an impression in-person, get your name out there digitally as well. This means utilizing social media, having an up-to-date website, and getting your Google My Business up and running.

Bring your own vision to the practice

When it comes to how to establish your new dental practice, it’s all about bringing your own unique perspective. Each owner has their own idea of what growth means, so think about what matters most to you and pursue it. If you’re itching to bring the latest technological advancements to your practice, make the investment. If you want to increase community outreach, put in the work to make yourself a well-trusted staple in your area. Whatever you see as your practice’s future, put in the work to make it a reality. That way, you’ll be a well-established practice in no time.

Alert existing patients–and potential new ones, too

A huge perk of acquiring an existing practice is getting all those existing patients; however, if you don’t put in the work to get to know them and establish trust, they very well may go to another dental practice. Make sure you are transparent and let existing patients know that there is a new practice owner, and to let them know a little bit about you. Also, establish a referral program to encourage patients to let their friends know about you.. You never know when someone will be in the market for a new dentist, so take the opportunity to publicize your new position.

You already had a vision when you started the buying process, so now’s the time to make it a reality. If you put those plans into action, and you stay true to what you’re passionate about, you’ll establish your dental practice in no time.