Spencer McCracken - Kansas & Missouri

Contact Information:

Phone: 913-314-0600

Email: Spencer.McCracken@henryschein.com


Years in Dentistry: 15 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 3 years

Over the course of nearly 15 years, Spencer McCracken has honed his craft; specializing in technology, equipment and practice transitions. More than 250 doctors have utilized his services, which include scouting and securing office locations, space layout and design, equipment selection, and project management. Spencer’s role as a Practice Transition Consultant allows doctors to proactively protect their greatest assets. He offers practice valuations (for both emergency and financial planning), practice brokerage, co-ownership/partnership consultation services, transition planning and associate placement services. The combination of practice start-up, practice upgrading, and transition consulting experience provides clients with a “one-stop-shop” for all of their dental office needs.

My wife, Valerie, and I have four kids. We enjoy traveling, playing sports and any outside adventures. I love to golf and attend major tournaments.

In my 35 years as a dentist, I have endured being an associate dentist, buying into the associated dental practice, buying out the senior dentist, bringing in a new associate dentist, selling half my practice to the associate, and ultimately the sell of the practice. Along the way, I have worked with numerous attorneys, big-name practice transition specialists, accountants, etc. Working with Spencer McCracken was by far the most succinct, well-managed practice transition I have experienced. Spencer completely’” Quarterbacked” the entire process directing both buyer and sellers on each and every stage. Spencer set a date and put forth a relentless effort to make sure the transition was complete as scheduled. Spencer has an excellent repertoire with local banks, bankers, and attorneys necessary to complete the transition. Do yourself a favor and contact Spencer McCracken with Henry Schein Dental, I’m glad I did.

Gregory W. Dale, D.D.S.
Kansas City, MO