Greg Auerbach - West Florida

Contact Information:

Phone: 941-746-7959



Years in Dentistry: 14 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 14 years

Greg Auerbach has been around dentistry his entire life. The son of a successful dentist, Greg grew up seeing, first hand, how a quality practice operates. With a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida and an MBA in service operations and general management from Wake Forest University, Greg has added a broad set of skills and experiences to the business and as transition specialist for the west coast of the state. In addition to his work in Florida, Greg has appraised practices and transitioned doctors throughout the country and has spoken at a number of dental schools, societies and study groups both in Florida and the country.

Overall it was a good experience. Their attention to detail and guidance through the steps and process was extremely helpful especially when you are still running the practice during the transition. Greg being available for questions and suggestions helped lower the stress level. I would recommend them to any one needing to sell their practice.

Brian Allen, DMD