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Clearwater (FL3655)

About the Listing

Low overhead, six (6) equipped plus two (2) plumbed but not equipped operatory, FFS (no "in-network" insurance) practice centrally located just off a major road. This crown and bridge focused practice offers a small amount of specialty work (endodontics and surgical) in an operating schedule that's just over three and one half (3.5) days per week. With just under 950 active patients (as measured over the last 18 months) the practice reports seeing nine (9) new patients per month, on average, with little marketing. The hygiene department, made up of one (1) full-time and one (1) part-time hygienist offers between four (4) and five (5) hygiene days per week and is booked out for months. Beyond the eight (8) operatories, there is a sizable reception and front desk area, consult room, staff break room, private doctor's office and large additional lounge / meeting space within 3,300 square foot the stand alone facility. There is ample parking available for patients and staff and the building is available for sale with the practice. Estimated net income after debt service includes the annual cost of financing 100% of the practice and 85% of the real estate asking prices, plus working capital, at current market rates.

Listing Information

  • Location: Clearwater, FL
  • Status: Sold
  • Practice Type: General

Financial Overview

  • Gross Collections: $984,000
  • Estimated Net Income After Debt: $304,000

Operational Information

  • Days Open (per week) Office: &
  • Doctor Days Worked / Week: &
  • Number of Full-Time Employees: &&
  • Number of Part-Time Employees: &&

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