Best States to Start a Dental Practice

Best States to Start a Dental Practice

Location plays a huge factor in any business’s success—including dental practices. The location of your practice influences how many customers you receive, your cost of operation, your staffing options, your office’s accessibility, and many other factors. As such, it’s important to choose wisely in order to situate your practice in an area that is conducive to its success. One way to do so is by purchasing a practice in one of these best states to start a dental practice.


Minnesota is a bit on the chilly side, but the dental practice success that you have there will surely warm your spirits. The North Star State ranks among the highest in the country when it comes to dentist-visiting residents and has one of the lowest numbers of uninsured residents. Plus, it also has a high median income and low crime rates, making it one of the best states to open a dental practice in. Due to its high rankings in education, those who own a dental practice in Minnesota shouldn’t have too hard of a time finding qualified employees to fill their open positions.


Another great location to practice dentistry in is Connecticut. The New England state ranks highly for median income, which bodes well for the earning potential of dentists who practice here—despite the high cost of living. Connecticut also has a high percentage of residents who visit their dentist annually, which should help ensure a consistent customer base for practicing dentists.


Massachusetts ranks among the top ten in the country when it comes to the dental habits and oral health. This means dentists who choose to practice in this state should enjoy a consistent customer base—an essential factor for long-term success. In addition, it ranks first in the country for quality of life, which will provide a positive environment for dentists from a personal standpoint.


Wisconsin’s residents are reported as having the best dental habits in the country, which means your customers are unlikely to skip their regularly scheduled dental appointments here. In addition to having superior dental habits, Wisconsin also offers a respectable average salary for desists and a low number of uninsured residents, which bodes well for dentists who choose to practice in the Badger State.

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