Sara Marterella - Eastern Michigan

Contact Information:

Phone: 734-765-0770



Years in Dentistry: 25 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 15 years

Sara joins Henry Schein with over 25 years of experience in dental practice management and business operations. In 2009, she founded her own dental consulting company to enhance the lives of dentists by providing ongoing coaching to elevate dental practices. Sara brings a wealth of knowledge to the Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions and looks forward to serving the needs of Michigan dentists.

Sara Marterella was wonderful throughout my almost two-year process of selling my practice. She was there for me at every turn and helped “coach ” me thru some difficult times and decisions. I would recommend her to anyone looking to transition their practice.

Irwin Goodman, D.D.S. – Seller
Hazel Park, MI

I interviewed several dental consultants before deciding to hire Sara Marterella from Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions to help sell my dental practice. I hired Sara because she is friendly, experienced, and very knowledgeable, and unlike other brokers I spoke with, she actually listened to what I had to say. I was determined to find a dentist that would maintain a private practice to provide personalized dental care to my patients. She quickly found a qualified dentist to take over my practice within the scope of what I was looking for. She was very organized throughout the entire process and always returned my phone calls/emails promptly. She worked diligently to close the deal quickly and pitched in where necessary to make sure we hit our deadlines. My overall experience working with Sara was excellent, and I highly recommend her if you’re considering selling your business.

James Jostock, D.D.S. – Seller
Sterling Heights, MI

Sara Marterella was great and very helpful during our transition, she did a wonderful job and made things easy and smooth. We highly recommend her for anyone looking for a dental transition.

Dr. Joseph A. – Seller
Southgate, MI

I would like to thank Sara Marterella for all the effort and time she put in towards helping transition my dental practice. Not only did she find the perfect doctor to take over, but she also followed up regularly to assist in making the process go as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a practice opportunity or considering transitioning from a practice I would highly recommend getting in touch with Sara to see what she can do for you. Thanks so much, Sara, wishing you the best.

Dr. Ryan Miller – Seller
Hartland, MI

Working with Sara Marterella made my practice transition very easy. She promoted my practice rigorously and prescreened all potential buyers. I was asked for my input on all transition matters and Sara worked hard to follow my wishes. Her organizational skills kept me up to date during the sale on what I needed to have accomplished each step of the process. Sara was very professional working many off hours and days to accommodate the buyer’s schedule. I would highly recommend Sara for your dental transition. Her experience and knowledge will make the difference.

David Campbell, D.D.S. – Seller
White Lake, MI

Having time to reflect on the sale process last year, I am simply amazed at how Sara Marterella made it appear to be a “slam dunk”. I know that was only possible due to the care and attention she took in preparing to place my practice on the market. When the sale was successfully completed during the early reopening phase of COVID-19, Sara certainly demonstrated that she had “her fingertips on the pulse” of Michigan dental practices and potential buyers. But beyond all that, it was simply a pleasure to get to know her and work together!

Dr. Craig Blogin – Seller
Ann Arbor, MI

I started this process over one year ago with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions (HSPPT and their representative, Sara Marterella. I am a one-person, small general dental practice in Lansing, MI. I have been in practice in the same location for approaching 40 years. When I first contacted Sara it was strictly to gather information about practice transition options. I had no idea how much my practice was “worth” on the open market. So the first thing Sara recommended was a certified practice appraisal which HSPPT would accomplish. I moved forward and soon had a certified practice appraisal in hand that then allowed me to start exploring options of a potential sale and retirement. Sara was extremely professional, courteous, and helpful in the fact-gathering first phase of what would soon turn into a practice sale. Next, I decided to move forward with placing the practice on the market which was not a straightforward endeavor for neither Sara nor me. I had been practicing in the same location for nearly 40 years! The building I started in 40 years ago was a converted home to office setting by the landlord just as I started looking for office space as a young D.D.S. Now, 40 years later as I decide to sell my practice the landlord, who had always been uncooperative, decided to sell his building. He told both myself and Sara he would not entertain writing a lease for a “new” D.D.S. to take over my business, he wanted out of the building. His price was outrageous which left little options on getting anyone to buy my existing practice with no lease available. Sara reviewed every conceivable option with me in an attempt to still potentially sell my practice in some fashion. Then, COVID hit and the landlord never listed the building, just sat on it and left me dead in the water. Finally, Sara contacted the D.D.S. directly across the street and began a negotiation with him, which led to the sale of my practice!

Sara worked diligently through the merger process and brought me the best possible outcome in a less than ideal time and circumstance that allowed me to sell and move forward. Her knowledge, professionalism, pleasant personality, and persistence sealed this deal and allowed me to move on with life after Dentistry. I would highly recommend Sara Marterella and her team for anyone interested in a practice transition, she delivered under less than ideal conditions!

Patrick Quain, D.D.S. – Seller 
Lansing, MI

I loved working with Sara Marterella. Right from the start, she showed up on time, answered our questions honestly, and made the entire process as smooth as possible. She scores high for honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and has the personality to work through the details with third parties (buyers, banks, attorneys, appraisers, etc…) to gain agreement and get the job done. The bottom line is that my practice and building were sold at a great price, in a short amount of time during a pandemic. I am ever so grateful that we chose to list with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions and cannot recommend Sara highly enough. She’s a star!

Carolyn Moore, D.D.S.
Garden City, MI

From the moment Sara Marterella from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions walked into my office, the entire atmosphere surrounding the sale of my office changed into an irresistibly powerful force.

The process of selling my office was a difficult adventure: but Sara never wavered or revealed any profound frustration, intimidation, or irritation by the challenge. Every obstacle was met with a determination to solve any and all problems. I truly admired her professionalism.

My office transition was an extremely important closing chapter of my career. Considering all the obstacles we faced, I don’t think it would have happened without Sara’s expertise and bulldogged determination to make it happen. For that reason alone, I will be eternally grateful to Sara for her invaluable help and assistance.

I wholeheartedly endorse the services she provided for me. She is a brilliantly shining light for the Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions team.

James E. Wright, D.D.S. – Seller
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Sara Marterella did a fantastic job during the course of the entire transition. Her knowledge, insight, and patience were invaluable, both before and after the merger/acquisition. I highly recommend Sara and the team at Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions for anyone seeking help for such an important decision in one’s career.

Anthony Sakorafis, D.D.S.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

We recently closed on the sale of our dental practice in Brighton, Michigan. Our transition specialist, Sara Marterella, was extremely helpful and truly a comfort to us throughout this process. We were actively interviewing potential buyers when the COVID-19 closure hit. Needless to say, this resulted in a great deal of stress. We had to adapt to the changes needed to reopen the office, which we did mid-June. Sara made contact with our potential buyers and we had three offers to consider by the middle of July. She gave us great advice on making sure the practice was viable so that our deal could go through. We had many issues to deal with but Sara was always knowledgeable and professional as we dealt with each problem that came up. Despite the three-month delay from the closure, we were able to complete the sale at the end of August. We will forever be thankful to Sara from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions for her help. Sara – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Dr. Robert Love – Seller
Brighton, MI

Having just completed a practice transition with Henry Schein’s practice broker, Sara Marterella, I couldn’t recommend her higher. Ms. Marterella was such a joy to work with. My experience with her far exceeded my expectations of her desire to find the right person to purchase my practice, and ultimately execute the sale. Ms. Marterella is a tireless worker and possesses a wealth of knowledge which made this transition seamless. Her pleasant and professional manner helped to take the uncertainty from this difficult decision. If you are considering this next chapter in your professional career, you will be doing yourself an enormous favor by choosing Sara Marterella to assist you in this endeavor.

Dr. Mark Beattie – Seller
Monroe, MI