Eileen Anderson - Central, Southern and Southwest Virginia

Contact Information:

Phone: 804-418-2502

Email: Eileen.Anderson@henryschein.com


Years in Dentistry: 6 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 6 years

Eileen Anderson is a Certified Public Accountant and a licensed real estate agent. She has more than 35 years’ experience as a business consultant. During her time as a business consultant and as the CFO of a $44M IT Federal Government contracting company she mentored over 30 small businesses. One of her goals in any transaction is to have happy sellers and happy buyers and make the transaction as easy and painless as possible for all parties.

Yoga teacher, Member of the Longwood University Board of Visitors

I would like to extend my thanks to Eileen Anderson, from the Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions team, for her guidance and facilitation in the recent sale of my solo practice. She guided me through the entire process from my initial meeting with her to the congratulatory message once the sale was finalized. Each step of the way, Eileen was knowledgable with every facet of what I would consider being a complicated process. She was always just a phone call or text away and was immediately responsive to any question or concern I had. Selling the dental practice that I began over 33 years ago was at times quite a bit personal and Eileen was sensitive to those feelings of mine. I would have no reservation in recommending Eileen Anderson’s assistant to anyone contemplating a similar situation.

David W. Major, D.D.S. – Seller
Mechanicsville, VA


I highly recommend the services of Ms. Eileen Anderson of Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, who recently assisted with the sale of my 35-year-old dental practice, City Center Dental Care, located in Newport News, Virginia. It is no small challenge to work out the details of a transition of this magnitude, and Eileen enabled the process to proceed more smoothly than I ever thought possible.

Prior to choosing Ms. Anderson, I evaluated 5 other companies from 4 different states – Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado and Texas – and right off the bat Ms. Anderson struck me as the most knowledgeable and personable of the six candidates. My decision to enlist her to sell the practice was validated through the knowledgeable, considerate way in which she interacted with me and with the purchasing doctors during this process. During the course of putting the agreement together, we uncovered a number of challenging circumstances, but she dealt with each one in light of her vast experience and wisdom, helping us to all determine the fairest way to proceed. We were under a bit of a time crunch to complete the deal by the end of 2018, and she kept us on schedule, making sure that we focused on the right requirements to keep us moving, and coordinating the involvement of legal assistance as necessary.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Eileen Anderson of Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions for her ability to facilitate a transition. She is great at what she does, and though I am not likely to need her services in the future, if I did I would look no further.

William T. Griffin, D.D.S.
 – Seller
Yorktown, VA