Alisa Shoaf - North Florida/Panhandle

Alisa Shoaf

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Phone: 850-879-4235



Years in Dentistry: Over 25 years in both clinical and operational roles

I bring over two decades of unwavering dedication and expertise in the dental industry to the table. My journey in dentistry has been nothing short of diverse, encompassing an array of clinical and operational roles – ranging from dental hygienist to practice manager. However, what truly sets me apart is my unique perspective, gained from being an integral part of assisting my own dentist with his transition from the inside.

My passion lies in helping fellow dentists extract the maximum value from their practices – an investment that goes far beyond mere finances. I know firsthand not just the financial investment, but also the mental and emotional investments as well as the familial stakes involved in building your practice to what it is today.

My goal is clear: to be your trusted advisor on this journey. With a deep-seated commitment to ensuring that every transitioning doctor and their staff navigate this process smoothly and emerge with the best possible outcome, I am here to provide unparalleled support and insight.

I enjoy hiking and traveling with my husband – lots of places still on the bucket list! We have two grown children that are a blast to spend time with as well. We are an FSU household and love attending sporting events. In fact, our daughter just became a fourth-generation Seminole grad. GO NOLES! Health and fitness are huge priorities in our lives, and I enjoy giving of my time and volunteering at our local animal shelter where we also adopted our dog, Bruin.

Simply put, Alisa Shoaf is effective. I can’t imagine how difficult my recent purchase would have been without her diligent attention to every detail. Her knowledge is impressive and her resources were invaluable. From financing to legal, I never missed a beat and we closed this deal well within my desired timeframe. I’m thankful for the Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions group, but I am super grateful for Alisa. I may not be a big part of her success story, but her efforts will be a big part of mine. Thank you, Alisa.

Dr. David Cardman – Buyer
Tallahassee, FL

I would highly recommend the Henry Schein Practice Transitions Group to handle your practice sale and transition. I initially tried to list my practice myself and then tried an online service that utilizes electronic questionnaires as its sole method of identifying candidates. What I came to realize was that it is difficult to attract good candidates without an established broker and personalized service. The sale/transition process was much more complicated than I realized and just got more complicated the closer we got to closing. My broker agent, Alisa Shoaf, was able to orchestrate banks, three attorneys, and the buyer and seller to successfully bring this transaction to the table on time. I would say that it would have been extremely difficult if not impossible to navigate the legal issues and challenging to satisfy the seller’s financial institution without professional brokerage guidance. Even though Alisa was located three hours away she would not hesitate to make the trip for a one-day meeting. She did so many times during the process in order to add the personalized service that a practice transition needs and deserves.

Dr. Mike Papadelias – Seller
Pensacola, FL

I purchased my first practice near the end of 2022 in Pensacola Florida. Alisa Shoaf was the broker representing the practice. She did a great job communicating with the seller and getting me everything I needed to complete the bank financing as well as the purchase agreement. The transaction went really smoothly! She was very helpful throughout the process. I would recommend Alisa if you are looking to buy or sell a practice in north Florida!

John Ledford, D.M.D. – Buyer
Pensacola, FL

I cannot say enough positive things about Alisa Shoaf. Her knowledge, professionalism, discretion, determination and patience throughout the entire process – from appraisal through negotiations, all the way to closing – made what could have been a tedious and unpleasant process much smoother than I could have imagined.

Tallahassee, FL