Tyler Russell - Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Contact Information:

Phone: 617-447-8760

Email: Tyler.Russell@henryschein.com


Years in Dentistry: 14 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 4 years

Tyler has been serving dentistry for 14 years helping hundreds of doctors successfully start, expand, acquire, or transition their practices.  Prior to his experience at Henry Schein, Tyler served dentistry in a financial services capacity with Regional Manager Positions at some of the top lending institutions such as the General Electric Healthcare Financial Services and Wells Fargo Practice Finance.  Since joining Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, Tyler has been directly involved with over 60 dental practice brokerage transactions and has been the top producer on a national basis 2 of the last 3 years at Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions.  In addition to brokerage, Tyler consults with and provides valuation services to 50 practices throughout New England each year.

Tyler is an Avid Crossfit Athlete and Marathon Runner.  In fact, he will be completing his second New York City Marathon in November of 2018.

It was my pleasure utilizing Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions as my broker in the sale of my practice.  My practice was a multi-dentist practice grossing over $1MM with many nuances and a few complications.

First, they found the perfect buyer for the deal. Second, the team used common sense and creative thinking to overcome any complications that arose. Third, they recommended excellent legal representation. Fourth, they facilitated and assisted in finding funds for the buyer.

In the end, the deal went quite smoothly, on-time, with buyer and seller on good terms.

I recommend them without hesitation.

Robert Wasserberger, DMD PC – Seller     
Elmsford, NY