Sharon Mascetti - Pennsylvania, Delaware, Jersey

Contact Information:

Phone: 484-883-5983



Years in Dentistry: 30 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 9 years

I have been in the dental profession for the past 30 years. I’ve worked in Schein Dental as both the Sales Manager as well as the Practice Transitions Consultant. I also work with the residents and the graduating seniors when it comes to transitioning into the world of dentistry upon graduation.

I am an early AM exercise instructor and have been for the past 33 years.

I want to truly thank Sharon Mascetti for being the best transition lead throughout this process. Sharon was very knowledgeable about the entire process from the initial process to completion. She was able to anticipate any potential issues and was already prepared with possible solutions. Sharon was very empathetic to my concerns and was always available at anytime for questions. She kept me updated during the entire process. Sharon made this very stressful stage of my career as smooth as possible. I would, without any reservations, highly recommend Sharon and the entire Henry Schein transitions team to any doctor contemplating placing their practice on the market.

Marco Holgado, D.D.S. – Seller
Cherry Hill, NJ


Thank you for all that you did, for the Seller and for me, in our practice transition.  I know that things got a little harried at the end but, in my opinion, it went very smoothly. I can see why you are so highly respected in your field. You made this seem easy. And I am thrilled with my end of the transaction. I end up with an amazing associate and a more amazing practice opportunity.  So, thank you. Please keep in touch as time goes forward. All the best!!

Matt Kingston, DMD – Buyer
Lancaster, PA