Russell Okihara, D.M.D. - California and Hawaii

Contact Information:

Phone: 619-694-7077



Years in Dentistry: 30 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 7 years

Born and raised on Kauai, Hawaii. BS from University of Oregon, DMD degree from Tufts University, D80. USPHS for 2 years. Private practitioner for 28 years. Lives in San Diego and services doctors in San Diego County and Hawaii.

Retired dentist, classic muscle car collector, avid cook, world traveling.

When I made the decision to sell my dental practice, the task of doing so seemed insurmountable. It was a very emotional and life-changing event. Therefore, I felt I needed a practice broker that understood the emotions from firsthand experience and would be by my side throughout the process. After the first few minutes of my initial conversation with Dr. Russell Okihara, I knew that he was the perfect fit.

Dr. Okihara’s professionalism and knowledge of dental practice sales was exemplary. He expertly guided me throughout the entire sale and efficiently navigated the various stages involved. Throughout the entire process, I felt extremely confident that Dr. Okihara would address any questions or concerns that I had along the way. More importantly, I felt that he cared; the sale of my practice was just as important to him as it was to me. I was comfortable and confident in his recommendations and guidance.

In addition to Dr. Okihara, everyone involved at Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions was terrific. It was clear that the entire team takes pride in their work and their collaboration together was seamless.

Selling a dental practice requires surrounding yourself with people who are experienced and knowledgeable.  I would like to thank Dr. Okihara and his entire team for their assistance in the sale of my practice.

Andrew Firtel, D.D.S.Seller
San Diego, CA