Matthew Sutton - Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi

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Phone: 614-679-2140



Years in Dentistry: 17 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 3 years

Matthew Sutton is a Dental Transitions Consultant with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, responsible for the state of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Having previously held Regional Sales Manager positions at Wells Fargo Practice Finance and Bank of America Practice Solutions, he has 15 years’ experience in the dental industry. He has an extensive background working with practices from start-up through ownership transition and retirement. Matthew’s experience from both sides of practice transition (buyer and seller) provide him a unique perspective invaluable to clients. He was a regular guest speaker for the American Dental Association, as well as other prestigious organizations in the healthcare sector. Matthew holds a Business degree from Kent State University and is a licensed real estate agent.

I enjoy world travel and the experiences it brings! I hold a real estate license, scuba, and CPR certifications.

I sold my dental practice after 33 years and, like many private practitioners, my practice was my life because I basically built it from the ground up. So, there was a strong feeling of cutting the cord to my “baby”. After raising that practice up, I wanted to be sure that whomever I chose to take over would care for it AND my patients like they were their own. But, at the same time, I knew that I too “wanted to be taken care of” in retirement.

When I was in dental school, we were told that the best type of advertising was word of mouth. That if you did good dentistry and treated people fairly, they would return and your practice would grow. Well, the dental school faculty was right. My practice did grow, flourished, and continued to grow and flourish all without any type of advertising other than a small Yellow Pages ad. They said if you do what is right your reputation among your peers will grow in favorability also. As it happens, the individual who would eventually end up buying my practice was referred to me through a colleague. So, again the faculty was correct, do good, be fair and your colleagues will notice.

After meeting with and talking to the person who would buy my practice, I was put in contact with Mr. Matthew Sutton of Henry Schein Practice Transitions. From the very beginning, Matt made me comfortable with the idea of selling my practice, which is a hard decision for a lot of us. He provided encouragement and direction on how we would proceed and a timeline of when we would get there. Matt took control of this monumental task and always, I mean always kept in touch with me on a regular basis. He brought me up to date on where we were, the documents of what will be needed next and gave this information to me in advance, so we were not under a time crunch to get things done. There were times that even though we were on schedule I would call Matt in a panic. But Matt would calm me down and assure me that he would take care of whatever it was. Whew!!!! Matt is indeed a professional. He gathers the information he knows is going to be required and he and his “team ” of analysts use this information to come up with a purchase price, a price based on analysis, research, facts and comparisons. In other words, a “fair” price to both the seller and buyer. Let me be clear, Matt worked on MY behalf. No games, no smoke screens just fair and square. When it came to using other professionals (ie: lawyers, bankers, consultants), Matt provided names of people to contact and let me make the decision of who to use. Matt’s been doing this many years and has a lot of contacts. As the time grew closer to “closing” I found myself contacting Matt and my attorney more frequently, daily. But again, Matt would take control, calm me down and we would move on to the next step. Matt stayed in contact with my attorney and a lot of the little communications that I didn’t have to be a part of was handled between them. Finally, we reached the day of closing and because of all the preparation, Matt had done it was a smooth transition without any bumps in the road. And believe me, that’s what you want.

So, to any dentist thinking about retirement or just looking to turn the reigns over to someone else, contact Matt Sutton of Henry Schein Practice Transitions. He will take control of this very stressful event in your life and walk you through it in a well-organized professional manner so that you will never regret your decision. If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience working with Matt, please give me a call.

Pat Powell, D.M.D. – Seller
Valdosta, GA

As the Trustee of my late father’s estate, it was my responsibility to market and sell the dental practice that he owned. I am not a dentist and found myself in a quandary as to where to begin. Then I was directed to Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, specifically their agent, Matthew (“Matt”) Sutton, who my husband and I found to be a first-rate professional in every respect. As my husband is an attorney, he was assured every step of the way that every facet of the marketing and sales process was legally sufficient. Beyond that, we found Matt’s positive, upbeat demeanor to be a comfort in dealing with the lead purchasing dentist who had never experienced a professional buy-sell transaction. We discovered that Matt was able to provide a reassuring hand to this dentist. Matt is a master of diplomacy, which is in demand at those junctures when the process could reach a snag but never materialized thanks to his anticipation of not only the issues but the answers. I also want to underscore Matt’s integrity. There were times when he could have pressured me to “cave” on my asking price (which was well within the appraised value of the practice) in order to make a quick sale and ensure his commission. But Matt did not do that, nor did he even hint of such an idea. In other words, Matt Sutton put my interests ahead of his own at every step. If these factors resonate with you then I would not hesitate to hire him.

Mrs. Cheryl Edgin
Atlanta, GA

I just completed the sale of my 37-year-old dental practice. I worked diligently throughout the years to build up my practice, to create a strong team of practitioners, and to give my patients top-notch care. Selling and passing along my practice involved complicated decisions and myriad details. That’s is why I am so pleased to recommend Matt Sutton, Transition Sales Consultant from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions. Matt did an outstanding job which resulted in a positive outcome for all. Matt demonstrates expertise in handling the process of transitions. He is knowledgeable and thorough; moreover, he is always willing to go the extra mile to help. Matt is very upfront and honest about all aspects of the particulars, a quality that gave me confidence as we worked together. Matt offered the positives and negatives about all aspects of the process, giving me the ability to make informed decisions. Furthermore, Matt advocated for me while making sure the buyer was given the necessary information to bring the sale to fruition. Every step of the way, we were apprised of the process. I am confident that Matt will exceed all expectations. No one works harder than Matt. I will always be indebted to him, and I now consider him a friend.

Brian Davis, D.D.S. – Seller
Atlanta, GA

The transaction in question occurred in September 2020. I contacted Matthew Sutton to assist in disposing of a dental practice for my friend whose husband died unexpectedly the month prior. I attempted to help her sell the practice but we were grossly unsuccessful. When we finally reached out to Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, we were lucky to get Matt. Matt was extremely helpful and treated us as though we had a million-dollar practice. He was in constant contact with us and spent numerous hours trying to help my friend. She was not in any condition to handle the transaction so I was the primary contact with Matt. He was instrumental in selling the business, extremely knowledgeable, always professional, always empathetic and kind, always available to answer any questions. It didn’t matter the time of day or the question. Words cannot express our gratitude to him for his help and his treatment of us. After going through this process, I believe that the service you offer is invaluable and I would recommend Matt to anyone who needs this type of assistance.

Ms. Garna Giddens
Atlanta, GA

Having just successfully sold and transitioned my cosmetic and restorative dental practice of 40 years through Henry Schein Professional Practice Transactions, I would absolutely recommend their services and agent, Mr. Matthew Sutton, to colleagues.

The complete experience has been very positive and handled with the utmost professional care by Mr. Sutton and the supporting Henry Schein PPT team. Their industry knowledge and expertise is unmatched. I was kept in the loop throughout the entire process with regular status updates and on-demand agent support. Matt’s background as a commercial banker added value that I would not have received through any other firm; his ability to understand both sides of the transaction made the process smooth for all parties involved. He went beyond by helping my buyer to quickly find suitable financing that met the transaction requirements.

Dr. Vic Bateh, D.D.S.Seller
Marietta, GA

Dr. Craig Swiger - Seller

Dr. Craig Swiger – Seller, Matt Sutton – Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions Consultant, and Dr. Reid Popple – Buyer

I wanted to take a moment to commend Matt Sutton for a job well done! Matt helped make what could have been a very stressful process, well, less stressful. He was able to put my mind at ease and guide me in the right direction with valuable industry and practice transition knowledge.

Matt provided me with several, viable buyer options since it was essential to find the right dentist (not just any dentist) to take over my patient base. Even after one buyer backed out of the transaction, Matt had me back in contact with a new buyer very quickly. His knowledge of the Atlanta market and network in Dental Transitions is very impressive. Working with a company like Henry Schein with its vast amount of resources made this a great experience and I would recommend this team to colleagues who may be considering transitioning their practices.


Dr. Craig Swiger, D.M.D. – Seller  
Mableton, GA

I met Matthew Sutton from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions at a seminar he was giving on selling and exit strategies. Matt was very professional and did not pressure me in any aspect of selling my practice. He gave me options, and let me decide which path was right for me, even if, I chose to remain in practice. We met for about a year before the right opportunity presented itself. Ultimately, the practice sold, and the whole process went much smoother and easier then I expected. Thank you, Matt.

Gabor Hegedus, D.D.S. – Seller
Atlanta, GA

It’s hard to put into words how happy I am with the results from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions Consultant, Matthew Sutton. My practice wasn’t even officially listed. He had 4 prospective buyers and I literally had the opportunity to pick the buyer that fit my practice needs. This was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic! He walked me through every step and went above my expectations. There is nothing else that he could have done to get a better outcome. I highly recommend him if you are thinking of selling your practice. THANK YOU MATTHEW!

Thomas Sparkman, D.D.S. – Seller
Dunwoody, GA

Anne Koenig, D.D.S.Seller, Matt SuttonTransition Sales Consultant & Jordan Blankenship-SnikerBuyer

Matt Sutton was a delight to work with. He was able to bring me a perfect buyer. He held my hand throughout the process. Matt was readily available for any of my questions and needs. I can truly attest to the fact that he made my transition into retirement happen. I would recommend Matt to you for any transition needs that you might have.

Anne Koenig, D.D.S. – Seller
Riswell, GA