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Kerri McCullough has been dedicated to the dental industry for over thirty years. For the past fifteen years, Kerri’s focus and attention has been on practice transitions and helping both the sellers and buyers transition to the next exciting phase in their life. The practice transition experience can be challenging for all the parties involved so it takes great patience and understanding and expertise during all the phases of a transition. Kerri McCullough brings a unique talent to Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions with her twelve years as a Dental lender prior to practice sales. Kerri has also owned her own business in which she owned and operated two successful Dental Laboratories in Southern California. Kerri has a California Real Estate License.

Kerri McCullough was fantastic! Very professional, thoughtful, and positive. The process of buyer banking and appraisals needs much improvement, but Kerri handled it great and best of all great results. I would highly recommend Kerri from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions as a transition consultant!

Brad Dickens, D.D.S. – Seller
Bakersfield, CA

After working as a general dentist for over 28 years, I developed health issues which resulted in making the decision to seek a job outside of dentistry. I chose Henry Schein Practice Transitions when deciding to retire and sell my practice because they had great advertisements on the practices they sold. I also researched to find out that they have a great reputation and plenty of experience. Kerri McCullough was my broker and from the start I saw that she was a very hard worker. She and I saw 11 different doctors before I found the right doctors for my patients and staff. Kerri was there throughout the entire process and explained the sale carefully, in detail and with great patience. As some of you may know, selling a dental practice can be challenging, but with the help of Kerri and the West Coast team, the process was smooth and much easier. I could not have sold my practice without Henry Schein Practice Transitions. I am forever thankful for having such a knowledgeable and hardworking staff.

William Lewczuk, D.D.S. – Seller
Los Angeles, CA