Keith Giebe - Missouri and Southern Illinois

Contact Information:

Phone: 636-866-4724



Years in Dentistry: 23 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 2 years

25 years of experience in the dental industry based out of St. Louis; 9 years with Henry Schein Dental and 2 years with Henry Schein PPT.

Participated in the St. Louis Give Kids A Smile Program the past 8 years.

It was my pleasure utilizing Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions as my broker in the sale of my practice.  My practice was a multi-dentist practice grossing over $1MM with many nuances and a few complications.

First, they found the perfect buyer for the deal. Second, the team used common sense and creative thinking to overcome any complications that arose. Third, they recommended excellent legal representation. Fourth, they facilitated and assisted in finding funds for the buyer.

In the end, the deal went quite smoothly, on-time, with buyer and seller on good terms.

I recommend them without hesitation.

Robert Wasserberger, DMD PC – Seller     
Elmsford, NY