Joe McManus, D.M.D. - Connecticut

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Phone: 203-216-3385



Years in Dentistry: 40 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 10 years

Dr. Joseph McManus received his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his certificate in pediatric dentistry from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In addition to his clinical training he has earned master degrees in management, health administration, business administration, and higher education. He has enjoyed an eclectic career. He practiced pediatric dentistry for over 25 years and serves on the faculty of a leading New York City dental school where he is a Associate Professor and the Director of Practice Management. He has lectured at national dental meetings and at dental schools on the issue of practice transitions and serves as a consultant for Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions.

In his leisure time he enjoys swimming and playing golf.

I sold my practice in early 2018. I did so after several years of deliberation about whether it was the right thing to do, how to go about it, to do it myself or with a broker, and who my advisors should be.

I decided that using a broker was the way to go for me. Never having done this before, I felt that guidance would be useful to me, and I also felt that trying to sell it myself would be a distraction to my ongoing clinical work, as well as to my efforts to enjoy my life…for however long the process took.

I subsequently interviewed a number of brokers. Of course, they all provide glowing references, so that doesn’t mean much. I was left trusting my gut, and in the selection of Dr. Joe McManus and Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, my gut did not let me down! I felt comfortable talking to Joe, was pleased that he was local, and was pleased that he is a dentist retired from clinical practice, not a lawyer or M.B.A. I don’t doubt that brokers with those qualifications can be effective, but, my, perhaps quaint belief, is that a doctor is inherently a more ethical beast than a lawyer or a business person. I see myself as a doctor, and most emphatically NOT as a businessperson, and so this was important to me.

I was a little uneasy signing the listing agreement. Joe told me he had a candidate in mind already, and I had been warned that unscrupulous brokers will say such things, to get you to sign on the dotted line, for a long commitment, and then, the candidate mysteriously loses interest. Joe was being completely honest. Within a week or so, he introduced me to the eventual purchaser. The negotiation was long and rather contentious, and Joe always kept his cool, and worked towards getting a deal together. He was always consummately professional, clearly outlining to all parties where his contractual loyalties lie, and what could be expected of him.

Based on my experience with Joe McManus, I would use him again if I found myself with another dental practice to sell, and would encourage the reader to do so, as well. Sellers considering using Joe may feel free to contact me. My contact information can be provided by Joe.

Michael Hodish, D.M.D. – Seller
Bethel, CT