Curtis Regimbal - Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia

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Years in Dentistry: 6 years

I have been working in the dental industry since I was 12yrs old. Started my sales career at HS as an Equipment Specialist. Having a strong aptitude for business and economics, I transitioned to a Territory Consultant (FSC) to work closer with my clients and their business. My background in dental sciences and core competency for business optimization has given me a strong foundation for Practice Appraisals and Practice Exit Strategies. I look forward to servicing all of HS clients with the highest level of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

I love watersports. Surfing, kite surfing, and snowboarding are some of my favorite hobbies. I am also an avid artist and enjoy working with my hands.

When selling my practice I was fortunate to have Curtis Regimbal as my consultant. I started two years ago with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, had the greatest of offers, and then declined. I just was not ready. Curtis had worked extremely hard to get the offers but supported me when I felt I could not go through with it. I felt I was ready this year and called Curtis. He welcomed me and got things rolling right away. This process is quite involved, and Curtis was with me every step of the way. He anticipated my every need and helped me through all the complicated stages of the transition. There is a huge emotional side to selling something you have been a part of for over 40 years. Long term staff and patients, the emotions are overwhelming! He answered all my questions, helped me when I was about to forget the whole thing (again!), and helped me see the bigger picture. Curtis was extremely professional and helped me with recommendations for retaining representation for all the legal processes that were necessary. Now that the dust has settled, I am certain that this was the right decision. I am glad that I listened. I can retire now knowing that all is going to be ok with my practice, and I can finally relax.

JaDonna Hayes, D.D.S.
Largo, MD

I sold my practice to a great dentist and we both were happy at the closing date; however, this would have never happened without Curtis Regimbal and his team at Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions who really work hard to find the right buyer. I have to thank especially Curtis who really did his best effort to sell my practice. I highly recommend him as top “dental offices seller” I have ever seen.

Dr. Oscar Luna – Seller
Vienna, VA