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When a sudden illness forced me to retire and sell my practice, I was very fortunate to work with Brian Whalen. He found a dentist 5 miles from my office who not only was able to take on my patients but also keep my staff employed. Brian worked very hard to do this transition quickly and smoothly. He made a difficult time less difficult and went above and beyond for me. I would highly recommend both Brian Whalen and Henry Schein Dental Practice Transitions as the best way to transition out of private practice and into retirement.

Mark Powalski, D.D.S. – Seller
Depew, NY

When we decided to sell our dental practice there was only one person we knew we could trust with the sale. We have worked with Brian Whalen for over 20 years and we had full faith he would find the right dentist to carry on the same quality of dentistry, excellence of patient care and attention to detail that has set our office apart from others. Brian takes a very personal approach to selling a dental practice. He wants to find the right buyer, get the seller the best price and finally develop an exit strategy. The exit strategy is so important. How long do you stay on? Do you consult on certain cases? How do you take care of your patients without making them feel abandoned? We had 10 implant cases that I wanted to see to completion so we put that in the contract.

Brian was constantly looking out for me and my wife (my office manager) and making sure we retired on our terms. We wanted to stay on as long as needed, but Brian was the one to say, “Once you sell, you need to get out as soon as possible”. It is extremely hard to watch someone else manage the office and make changes. Believe me, they will make changes. You can have the most well-oiled practice and the new buyer will do things differently. It was important to us that we found a buyer that would continue our office philosophy. I honestly don’t know how Brian did it but he found a 30-year-old younger version of myself. My family and I now have a new dentist and I truly believe my patients will be very well taken care of. My wife and I can not thank Brian Whalen and Henry Schein Dental Transitions for helping us enter retirement the way we envisioned it.

Dr. Michael Kubiniec – Seller
Batavia, NY