Blaine Brown - Idaho, Utah & Montana

Contact Information:

Phone: 208-841-4598



Years in Dentistry: 38 years

Years in Practice Transitions: 4 years

I have worked in the Dental Industry for 30 plus years. I have enjoyed every challenge. Great industry and I have been fortunate to have some great mentors along the way.

My wife and I love to travel. I have had the opportunity to visit all 50 States and over 40 different countries.

Blaine Brown recently acted as my agent in selling my practice which closed in Nov. 2017. I had thought because of the demand for practices in Boise, Idaho, and my past experience in both buying and selling, that I could locate a buyer and handle the sale on my own. After failing with the associate that had been working with me for over a year, and speaking to a dozen or so prospects with no success, I had to admit that I needed a professional. I interviewed a couple of agents but knew of Blaine from past activities in the world of dentistry. When I interviewed him it was obvious to me that Blaine and his firm, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, were the right choice.

It was a bit of an unusual situation because of my involvement with mini implant supported dentures as well as general dentistry.  I felt I would need to continue to work in the specialty area to take care of my patients since those with the skills and passion for dentures and mini implants are few and far between.  Blaine was able to find a buyer that understood the value of the general practice as a separate entity, as well as the value of having me continue to work in my area of interest providing revenue to the new owner.

The macro and micro details were all well-handled resulting in a very successful sale for all involved. The future looks bright. Blaine has continued to remain in contact to assure that all was going well. I feel we have become good friends.

Dr. Errel Fife – Seller
Boise, ID