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Tampa Bay Coastal, Florida, FL 250

About the Listing

This is a prosthetics focused practice located in its own standalone building on a busy street. The well kept and up-to-date 3000 square foot interior houses four (4) operatories - three (3) for the doctor, one (1) for hygiene, and a sizeable lab space (along with private office and consultation space). The practice is almost entirely UCR/fee-for-service with only a small amount of patients taking advantage of a private discount plan for payment. The practice only accepts assignment on some hygiene patients. All specialty procedures are referred out. New patient flow and active patient figures are consistent but poised to grow. Real Estate available for purchase and has been calculated in to the estimated net income figure.

For more information contact:
Greg Auerbach, MBA
(941) 746-7959 | 800.262.4119 x13


  • State: Florida
  • Practice Type: Prosthodontic - General