Dental Practices for Sale

Long Beach (CA671)

About the Listing

Real estate ownership an option. Grandchildren of original patients come to this upper-middle-class residential practice est. early 1950s. Existing: Four (4) Ops plumbed; three (3) Ops equipped. Easy expansion to next door– 3 plumbed, 2 equipped. PLUS: Most specialties referred out. Better hurry! 2019 GR $696K. Super-strong post-COVID production.

Listing Information

  • Location: Long Beach, CA
  • Status: Sold
  • Practice Type: General

Financial Overview

  • Gross Collections: $696,000

Operational Information

  • Days Open (per week) Office: &
  • Doctor Days Worked / Week: &
  • Number of Full-Time Employees: &&
  • Number of Part-Time Employees: &&

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