How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice

How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice

The goal of any thriving practice is to always have new patients coming through your doors. With there being 61 dentists per 100,000 people in the U.S., you’d think it would be a no brainer. A busy practice is a healthy practice, but it can often feel impossible to acquire those new faces. Thankfully, with the right techniques, it isn’t too hard to accomplish. Here’s how to attract new patients to your dental practice and reap the benefits.

Curate your online presence

Nowadays, an online presence is nothing short of essential. Oftentimes, your new patients will first encounter you online. If you want to encourage them to make the leap and book an appointment, you’re going to want to make a good impression. Keep your website up-to-date, create social media profiles, and post useful information on both frequently.

Make sure you list your information online

If people can’t find your practice’s information, they’re much less likely to make an appointment. You want to make that process as simple as possible, so be sure to list all your essential information. Set up a Google “My Business” and have it list your practice’s hours, location, phone number, and any other information a patient might find useful there as well.

Get involved in the community

While a digital presence is essential, no one can underestimate a face-to-face connection. To show up for your community, you’ve got to get involved. Consider sponsoring a local charity event or setting up a table at your community’s farmer’s market. People will feel more inclined to visit your practice if they meet you and your staff first. It will show them that you’re truly invested in your community.

Create a referral program

People are much more likely to visit a doctor if they’re told about the practice first by their friends. That thinking is what makes referral programs such a wonderful thing for dental practices. It gives your existing patients an extra perk and you a huge pool of potential new patients that will likely make appointments at your practice.

Encourage patients to review your practice

Positive reviews are essential for attracting new patients to your dental practice. When people search for your practice, your ratings are going to be one of the first things to come up. If you have no reviews, or those reviews are negative and unaddressed, searchers aren’t likely to book an appointment. Even a quick email follow-up after an appointment will greatly increase the chances of them writing a review.

Whether you have a newly acquired practice or dental practice for sale in New Jersey, new patients will increase your practice’s value. Obtaining new patients requires work and patience, but with the right tactics, you’ll see those results in no time.