How Dentists Can Calm Anxious Patients

How Dentists Can Calm Anxious Patients

Too many people associate going to the dentist with feelings of fear or anxiety. Such negative emotions can prevent patients from showing up to their appointments and regular checkups. This lack of attendance not only prevents patients from receiving the treatment they need but can also negatively impact your practice and cost you money. As such, it is important to find ways to help calm anxious patients so that they feel comfortable enough to receive treatment and show up to their appointments. For tips on how dentists can calm anxious patients, continue reading.

Play relaxing music in your office

Music can have a powerful impact on one’s mood. By playing calming music throughout your dental office, you can help patients feel more relaxed and less anxious during their appointment. Consider installing speakers in your waiting room and examination room to help keep patients calm throughout their entire experience.

Place televisions in the examination room

Many dental offices include televisions in their waiting rooms to entertain patients while they are waiting for their appointment. A smaller number of practices choose to also place televisions in their examination rooms. Doing so, however, is a great way to help keep patients calm while they are receiving their treatment. Rather than focusing on the work being done on their teeth, which can trigger feelings of anxiety, they can be distracted by the television, helping their appointment go by quicker.

Practice effective communication

Communicating effectively with your patient can work wonders for relieving their anxiety. Before working on their teeth, walk the patient through exactly what is going to happen during their appointment and make sure to keep a very calm and positive tone while speaking. If your patient expresses concerns, do your best to be supportive and provide them an ample amount of information. Doing so will help them trust that you are qualified to provide the care that they require.

Include sources of moving water in your office

In addition to relaxing music, another sound that can help diminish your patient’s feelings of anxiety is the noise of moving water. Consider placing a small fountain, fish tank, or noise machine in your dental office to help alleviate your patients’ stress.

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