Henry Schein Financial Services celebrates their 20th Anniversary

Henry Schein Financial Services celebrates 20 years

Henry Schein Financial Services is proudly celebrating 20 years of delivering solutions to help oral health and medical practitioners across the nation achieve their business goals and improve operational efficiency.

HSFS offers a range of services to help you create avenues for continued financial success, like:

  • Practice Financing
  • Equipment and Technology Financing
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Dental Practice Transition Planning and Brokerage
  • Dental Patient Financing
  • Staffing & Hiring Solutions

At Henry Schein Financial Services, we pride ourselves on our customer relationships and helping healthcare professionals succeed. We’ve helped thousands of practitioners by being their trusted partner. 

Here’s what one of our long-term customers has to say about having us as their trusted partner…

“I was born and raised in Philadelphia but always wanted to move to NYC. In 2007, after eight years of owning a dental practice in Philly, I decided it was time to make the move. I hired Charlie and Donna Costa, both with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, to help me sell my practice, and it was a pleasurable experience. They quickly found a qualified buyer who made the purchase, and I moved to Manhattan in March 2008. Unbeknownst to me, this was the heart of the financial crisis and there were very few quality practices for sale during these unstable times. However the Henry Schein team pushed on and found a well-established fee-for-service practice in Wayne, NJ. Even though it was not in NYC, it gave me my start. I built the practice up to a point where I was able to operate it successfully and have the financial stability to add a second location…this time in NYC. 

In the fall of 2013, the Costa’s identified a practice near Central Park in a building with several other dental offices. Over the next couple of years, we merged another practice into that one and that’s when I acquired my third practice. Then at the Greater New York Dental Meeting in 2017, I ran into Charlie Costa who said he just came across something special. It was an eight operatory fee-for-service practice on 49th and Madison. Again, the Henry Schein team identified the right fit for me. The Costa’s always had the ability to match the correct buyer with the correct seller. This 4th practice helped me take the business to the next level.

All of this was only possible because of my relationship with Henry Schein Financial Services, and I continue to grow with their help. Developing this business relationship has been instrumental in making the correct acquisitions, and I would encourage any other dentist who is hoping to expand their footprint in the dental field to develop a relationship with Henry Schein Financial Services. I would suggest that they stay within their circle of competence and acquire practices that they are comfortable handling. The Henry Schein team will look long term to make it happen.”

Frank Dicicco, D.M.D.
Seller & Buyer – NY